Thursday, August 13, 2015

MacRitchie Reservoir's HSBC TreeTop Walk

ABBEY: You want to walk in a suspension bridge so you can be as tall as the trees? You're in for a treat as you go to HSBC's TreeTop Walk inside MacRitchie reservoir. 

I've been here twice. The first visit is when I traversed the long journey from Lornie road (Lamppost 51). It was exciting at first as you can appreciate nature and the views along the trail. But if you're walking nonstop for more than 4 hours on the heat of the day it is not funny anymore. The signs keep telling how much more to walk but it seems endless. I thought that we were already lost, that I have to save battery for my phone and water :) I just want to walk on the bridge. At last we saw the ranger station. I knew we're close. Few more minutes then we were on top. It was relieving. The long walk is worth it. I can't imagine I've done that.

The second time, I stepped up my game plan. I came prepared. We took the track from Venus Carpark. Within 45 mins, we reached it. I'm glad my wife finally saw it after my numerous stories of the bridge. Since it is one-way, we circled along the boardwalk until we reached the ranger station again and off we go out of the reservoir.

WILL: If not for the sake of the project we are doing, I will not visit this kind of place. I mustered all my courage to face MacRitchie's HSBC TreeTop. Great thing Abbey had already been there; already lost and researched to be more specific what will be the shortest way to be there. 

When I entered the forest, I felt that it engulfed me. That was it! No backing up! 

I fought my fear (fear to see any reptiles or snakes) and walked..walked..walked. When we reached the HSBC TreeTop, I observed in awe. Trees and wildlife really matters here in Singapore.  

I went home relieved. I never encountered any iguanas, monitor lizard nor snakes. Please be careful with monkeys, they are not friendly and they are lurking some of the visitors for some food. 

This is one accomplishment! Wooohooo!