Friday, April 17, 2015

The Original Little Hiro Singapore - Hawaiian-Japanese BBQ & Grill

ABBEY: So before we go north of Singapore, we decided to visit our friend's workplace and dine there. She works in Little Hiro. It is a Hawaiian-Japanese restaurant at King's Arcade; a 15-minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT station.

I got one of their recommended items which is Waikiki burger; burger plus ring of pineapple, and bacon. It comes with fries and drink. I really like the taste of fries as it is "garlicky". To top of it all, I also ordered Spam fries. Beware not too eat too much, it'll be too salty. Maybe they can include other flavor of Spam and make fries out of it.

WILL: Innovation is not just for technologies but also for our daily food. After trying a pancake used as a bun for a burger now we tried noodles instead of bread on our burger. 

Welcome to Little Hiro! A chic place and maybe the reason why the students happily spend their meal time in here. Just a few steps from Botanic Gardens. 

We were there to celebrate our move out from Mt Sinai Rise. We want it to be memorable for all of us. So we decided to dine in here with our housemate's father. 

After 15 minutes of waiting Chicken Karaage Ramen Burger ($10.20) is in my table. When I have the first bite of the the noodle it seemed that my tastebuds transported me to Japan. The taste of ramen blends well with chicken. Abbey ordered Spam Fries ($4.80). That is too oily and salty for me. 

Would I go back for more? Of course! With no hesitation! I Love Ramen Burger! FTW!