Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fort Siloso Singapore

ABBEY: This is the part of Sentosa where we haven't set our foot in, but the ground must be covered. 

By 12:30PM at Beach Station, an "old bus" will take you to the fort. An entrance free of 12SGD should be paid. Fort Siloso served as the primary stronghold against the war enemy that comes from the south sea.
We were glad that our tour guide is charming and always smiling. Her name is Annabelle, but we wondered why her nameplate shows Baxter. Anyways, she led us to the first stop of the tour, the recreation area of POW during Japanese Occupation. In here was a diorama of Pulau Blakang Mati which is now known as Sentosa and its different zones. Next is the tunnel under a war gun where the ammunitions were kept. Being a soldier is tough specially in war; poor ventilations, small spaces and large chance of being killed. The third stop is all about the life under Japanese regimen. Foods were rationed, people will be jailed, tortured and killed without any reason and a lot of propaganda for brainwashing specially the little ones.

The tour ended on what they called as Surrender Chambers. It relives the scene of Singapore surrendering to Japanese forces led by Gen. Yamashita. And on the next room was the scene where Allied Forces led by Lord Mountbatten liberated Singapore from Japan. Those are touching scenes and a lot to learn from the history.

WILL: We need to know the past and learn from it or history will just repeat itself. 

That is why Singapore gives a big effort to let locals and tourist know how it was to be on their  "dark ages". The time, World War II, when they were conquered by Japanese with the leadership of General Yamashita. It was a big trick or I should say Yamashita knew the "art and power of making a deal" that time. 

Here in Fort Siloso, you will see the real cannons. You can check-out the bankers, undergrounds tunnels and the famous signing of Japanese surrendering to the Allied Forces. 

This is an informative day for us. You can join a tour if you do not have an idea where to start. The entrance fee for locals is $10 and for tourist is $12. If you're already at Sentosa why not check this out.