Sunday, April 5, 2015

g.Spa Fitness and Recreation Hub - Spas/Beauty/Personal Care

ABBEY: Another freebie? Wow, yes please. Keep them coming. You are all welcome. Thanks Medhatter. This time I got a 60-minute full body massage worth 155SGD at g.Spa. It is located at 102 Guillemard road. We took MRT and alight at Mountbatten station. 

I strongly advise that don't be fooled by their signage outside the building. They have more to offer aside from that. And what I mean by more is that they have good receptionist that will welcome you and ask for your need of service upon arrival. We were an hour late but still it only took us 15 minutes waiting time to have the massage. 

The style of spa is like Wensha in Philippines, but more at par than Wensha.

You will be given a magnetic key for your locker and massage clothes. My masseur's name is Susan. She gave my muscles a "beating". I think I heard all the "crunchiness" left my body. I like the hand and feet massage the most. It is as if all the tired muscles got relaxed. After the massage, I proceeded to the dining area.

I first took a sip of wintermelon and pork rib soup. Next I got their menu for the day; chicken cutlet. It came with fries and coleslaw. I also took a bite of their dimsums even though they have shrimps. They were delicious. Wash them all with free flow of juice, coffee, or tea. 

Total spa indulgence. Highly recommendable.

WILL: "Therefore, do not be deceived." That is the perfect tagline for gSpa. Or better "Do not judge the book by its cover" haha!

Abbey won a one (1) spa treatment from Medhatters and he threatens me not to redeem it if I will not come with him. Even it is a 24hour spa, we still made a booking 3 weeks before our targeted date. 

A very unique foyer welcomed us. Three lovely ladies behind the concierge immediately accommodated us. Less than 10minutes we are both on our way to the spa rooms. 

Because Abbey really pushed me to go with him, I look for ways to lessen the cost of this pampering session. AspirantSG threw a 15% off and free body scrub to his blog readers and I am too lucky to be one of first 10 reservation. 

I requested for body scrub first before the massage. This is a trivia about myself. This is my only third time to have a body scrub in a spa. Why? I found it too expensive, my good reason. So, I just buy a sea salt scrub over the counter and do it for myself. Haha. Ok, back to the review. Xiao Rui mastered her craft. It seems that I am her baby that really need a deep cleaning. She kneaded and cleansed me by the strokes of her hand. I really hoped that time will never end. 

Xiao Hui is the assigned masseur to me. That is the first time in my whole life that I have a hard massage. Her hand, knuckles and elbows know the exact point where my body aches. She stretched my body that unbelievably gave a cracking sound which I felt a kind of relief. When she told me that my session was done, I frowned. I want more haha!!! It is very relaxing.

2 hours of pampering, I am ready for filling up my tummy. Yep at a $155 package, it includes a buffet. Hey it is not an international buffet but in their menu for sure some of the food will satisfy your taste buds. What I love the most is their dim sums. I ate 8 servings of those. 

There is also a rest area that you can seat on their couches watch movies, tv shows or just sleep. 

It is really a wonderful experience. We already told our friends how good it is and they ensure us that they will try the service in there. :)