Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Applebee's Singapore - Bar & Grill · American Restaurant

ABBEY: When I saw my brother's post of their dinner at Applebees in UAE, I want also to eat the baby back ribs. By that time, Applebee Singapore closed their business. Good thing they opened a branch at Chjimes. We went there with our highschool friends. And we were amazed at the prices. It is affordable. I thought it will be too high but it is not. 

I ordered their Quesadilla burger 13.90sgd along with fries. Cheesy in every bite and the pattie is moist. We also got their sampler. For 20sgd, we picked fried calamari, chicken nuggets and tacos. I also took a bite on what's on Wilmas plate; baby back ribs. I think it could have been more delicious if it has more sauce.

WILL: Are you looking for a cheap and yet cozy place to date your loved ones and it took you many clicks on your mouse and your efforts are still futile? Rant no more! Applebee's is there to rescue you. 

All their prices is below $20. Yes below $20! Man, you read it right! Head down to newly renovated Chijmes.

We were there not for one-to-one date but a group date with two of our friends. So delighted to see that their full baby back ribs is only $17.90, with no hesitation I asked Abbey to get it for me. Applebees's baby back ribs are not their star of the menu but they taste awesome. The aroma enticed my appetite and the meat is tender. 

I got to go back to this restaurant. Good food, all-smile crews, good ambiance! :)