Friday, April 24, 2015

Eighteen Chefs - Bugis Junction Branch

ABBEY: For the farewell dinner of our friend VA, we chose the place closest to his home in Bugis. We went to Eighteen Chefs on the fourth storey of Bugis Junction near Shaw Cinema. 

I got their Heart Attack fried rice with half spring chicken at less than 14sgd. Don't worry about their warning: May cause sudden cardiac arrest. Just eat moderately. The fried rice taste good and the chicken is flavorful and moist. But after sometime you will find that there's too much oil in your meal. Maybe that will cause the heart attack :) 

Anyways I finished the meal without calling for emergency. I also had a couple of spoonful of their curry baked rice from Wilma where the cheese is overflowing.

WILL: I know that this is not the goodbye for our friend Vincent Anthony but a hello to another place. At Eighteen Chefs at Bugis Junction where we celebrated his send-off.

When I open the menu, Chat is correct, its either you order the all time favourites for a no brainer or you will be your own chef to choose the dish that you really craves for. Well, I like the unordinary so I use my head and think hard what food I really like to have. So I picked Cheese-Baked Rice for my base, Japanese Curry for my sauce and Chicken Slices for my main ingredient.

Curry and Cheese? I am quite hesitant but when I tasted it... It is terrific! It satisfied my longing on the baked rice plus my favourite chicken curry. It costs only $8.80+GST. Hey they do not bill service charge in here.

Any suggestions? Hmmm.. Dear Eighteen Chefs, why you offer a lot of promotions for students? How about us? We are human too! Haha! Anyway, have promotion or do not have I will come back for more to savour again to my Chicken Curry Baked Rice. Next time I will ask for Double Cheese Baked Rice!