Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant - Orchard Central

ABBEY: It's been a very late celebration, but only 22nd of April is the best time for us to dine at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant.

We did reserve a week before and at last.. the time came. The restaurant is in the eighth storey of Orchard Central. Once we were led to the table, I put my bag down and started to roam around checking what they have to offer. They have fried delights like crispy chicken, ebi tempura, and salmon head. I don't know how long they have been on the serving station but I find them too oily and not that crispy anymore. 

They also have grilled foods; baby potatoes, sweet corn, pork, squid, and chicken yakitori. Beef and chicken tepanyaki were also available. Mussels and shrimps were there but they're off limits to me. So I feasted on salmon meat and belly. Every bite is heaven once the salmon is dipped the soy sauce and wasabi. I washed them all with lemonade, soda and hot green tea. 

The dinner costs almost 75sgd for both of us.

WILL: Do you know the song “Everything is Awesome” from the 2014 Lego Movie? Sing with me using the below lyrics...

Everything is Oily... When you eat at Kiseki..
Evertyhing is Oilyyyyy!

Why I said that? Read more.

The cashier in front told us that Salmon Head is their house recommendation. When I saw the salmon head, right away picked one of it. I giggled loudly when I saw the mountain of ebi tempura. I got a plateful instantly.

I went to our table and agonizingly waiting for my husband to take his food. After a prayer of thanks, I attacked the tempura relentlessly. Haha! But on every bite I notice that it is oily. I took the Salmon head, and its oily too. I used tissue to the crab claw to squeeze out the unnecessary oil. 

This is not-all-rant-blog, I want to commend their hotpot, the perfectly grilled corn and the bean sprout! 

Thanks Kiseki for being part of our April celebration. Hope you check on “too oily” issue.