Friday, September 12, 2014

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014

ABBEY: Another year has passed and Sentosa Buskers Festival is back. We only have one goal; to see Grumpy Queen Vic and have a snap with her. Upon arriving in Beach Station, Les Dudes is already performing. They are one of the wacky duo who does torch juggling, riding unicycle and acrobatics. After their act, I heard a loud whistle that sends a signal of urgency. It was Tuto Tul; a mime calling out his audience. He made his funny head stands and antics with audience participation. The show turned out to be good as the volunteers were game.

After that, we went to Palawan beach to see the "Queen". She was really grumpy :) Even the sound of violin from Singaporean artist Dan cannot put a smile across her face. Maybe because she was placed in the farthest part of the Buskers' Festival area. It would be better to place her in the area near iFly. We were about to leave as our mission was accomplished.

It was a good thing that we stayed. A few minutes later Aerial Manx of Australia started his act. He did lit up a whip and extinguished the flames by striking it. Each sonicboom was matched with a fireball. The sight was awesome. The last act is a dangerous one. So unique that he was logged into Guiness World record. He swallowed a 42-inch sword, did a cartwheel and then backflipped. That's how you end a performance.

WILL: Have you been to any of Sentosa’s Buskers Festival? No? Whyyyy? Tell me why?!

This season, I laughed a lot, my jaw-dropped a lot and I spend a lot for the tips. Haha!

Sentosa squeeze in the performances to the a smaller vicinity of the island, it is a good thing, viewers can jumped in to one act simultaneously. First we saw the Les Dudes from Canada. Unicycle is their forte. Tuto Tul got our attention when he blew his whistle. He is really amazing. He is a mime, clown and a magician. He make his audiences participate on his show.

We ran to The Garden to check out The Grumpy Queen from United Kingdom. Well she is the reason why we chose to go on Monday. Haha! I tried to make her smile, but efforts are futile. She is really a grumpiest off all grumpy queen in the whole wide world.

We were about to go home when we saw Aerial Manx from Australia fixing his stuffs, when I read on the pamphlet that he is a Guinness World Record holder, Winner of Apollo Bay Buskers Competition and performed on almost all of the famous city, we decided to stay, sit and enjoy his antics. Well, a breathtaking, tongue-swallowing and heartbeat-stopper performance Aerial Manx showed to us.

This weekend please visit them at Sentosa.. The State of Fun. Its free but please give some tips to the buskers if you enjoyed their shows. J