Monday, September 15, 2014

Coffeemin - Singapore's Time Cafe

ABBEY: From time to time, it would be nice to not go directly home after a day's work. Maybe go to a place with a homey ambiance; as they say a home away from home.

We visited Coffeemin at Clarke Quay. It is a per-hour coffee shop. For 6 SGD an hour, you can enjoy unlimited coffee, sodas, and biscuits. Just present your IC or pay 30SGD which is refundable. 

Upon arrival, we sat down on the couch and started to play Xbox. Oh my, we don't know how to load a game :) After giving up for not knowing what would be the goal of the game we chose, we took over the billiard table. 8-ball? Grace won. 9-ball, I got a bad shot while putting the last ball in the corner pocket. It was fun. Short chit-chat on what are our plans in the future while munching on butter cookies and then we left. 

I'll tell you now, an hour is very short to spend time with your friend and loved ones.

WILL: Aren’t you tired of your usual coffee place? Or you just want to take a sip of unlimited coffee with your friends? Or you just want to spend an hour talking with all of your friends but your home cannot accommodate them all? Coffeeminion is a great place for you to check out.

How I came up to this place? While browsing the Groupon and Deal.Com.Sg I saw a half priced of this. I got a 3 vouchers for $3.00 each per hour. Imagine, you can have your unlimited cappuccino / latte / milo / soda / cookies + play your favourite board games, billiards, books/magazines and Xbox games. Good deal right?

After office, Abbey, Grace and I went there to check them out. The place is serene. There we merrily drank our dose of caffeine, played nine balls, and talked.. talked.. and talked. I love this place. Now me and my colleagues are scheduling a visit in their Suntec City branch.

Thanks Coffemin for this very good homey concept. Oh, please do check out their schedule because they were always hired for private function.