Monday, September 8, 2014

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Singapore

ABBEY: Hungry and you have a big appetite? Well, well, well, I recommend Baja Fresh. 

We visited them after Singapore Night Festival. It was a good thing they extended their store hours. Not aware of what to have, the staff from the counter approached our table and gladly explained their menu.

I got their Taco Platter. Your choice of beef or chicken in soft or crispy taco shells. The platter comes with serving of beans and rice. Thinking that the serving is small, we also ordered a plate of nachos.

Believe me, it's not nachos that they're serving, it is NACHOS. After squeezing the limes, we started to indulge to our Mexican late dinner. The juice of taco fillings oozed out in every bite. Maybe I had more than enough, thus I felt gassy after :) By the way the salad bar is unlimited.

WILL: Singapore Night Festival is a feast for the eyes and stomach. So even very late, we took the opportunity to dine at Baja Fresh Mexican Grill located at 9 Bras Basah Road (near at SOTA).

I ordered Chicken Baja Burritos, Abbey went for Tacos and bravely added up nachos. When the food came to our table and we were shocked of its sizes. I am laughing hard to Abbey for asking for additional nachos. I know we can’t finish it all so we decided to wrap up my burritos and for us to consume on the next day.

Abbey digged in on his tacos while I munched all the bowl of crispy nachos. I enjoyed their nachos because of their complimentary salsa bar. (drooling while writing this. Haha).

For next day, I re-heat the burritos and shared it with hubby. Yummy. The guacamole mixed with yogurt is amazing. For sure we will come back in this restaurant. Maybe we will go at their Marina Bay Sands branch.