Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix - Pit Lane Experience

ABBEY: What if you're given a chance to see the garages of Formula 1 cars? Would you forfeit it? I almost did. Good thing we got a final reminder letter that I won a pair of ticket for the event. And it must be redeemed online on that day only. It is not that I ignored the congratulatory mail, but it was in the spam inbox. We registered hurriedly and got our tickets. 

The event is on the eve of 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix. We entered Gate 1 at 7:30PM and just in time the party kicked off. Performers from around the world render their acts; live bands, buskers like human topiaries and Invisible Man, and the "drummer boys" (Wicked Aura). It was nostalgia; we're in the same zone last 2012 and there we were again.

At quarter past nine, the walk commenced. We were in Turn 1. The view is spectacular. Now I know why the ticket price is premium. You can have good snaps on this place. Then we came to the garages and pit. The mechanics are busy with the preparation for practice session the next day. We even saw some team practicing their routine in changing the tires.

From the Red Bull, Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel emerged. Just like his car, he was too fast to avoid being mugged by shutterbugs. He did signed some autographs and pose for snap, but lightning-quick giving me a blur picture of him :) We also took snaps on the starting point and then headed home.

WILL: Tuesday night while doing my routine of checking emails, my eyes got bigger when I saw a congratulatory email from Singapore F1. Gosh we won a pair of ticket for Thursday Pit Lane experience. Gosh, we are so blessed! Haha! 

F1 revving engines is addictive. I like racing and the risk that comes with it, the adrenaline and the energy. So when Abbey and I decided not to go for this year, we are quite sad but we need to stand our decision. Even though we do not bought any ticket for 2015 race, Singapore F1 still gave us a chance to feel the F1 fever.

We queued around 7PM watched the performances of Carlos Castano, Fungkimunkees and listen to the beat of Wicked Aura and take some photos with The Living Topiary. Thousands of people were chilling, drinking and merry making before the gate to the Pit Stop finally opens its doors to the public.

When I stepped to the track, our Fan Zone memories came back to me. When I can get to see again F1 from the Fan Stand? Huhu! Anyways, we walked and checked one by one the Pit Stop of every cars. And for a bonus, Sebastian Vettel came out from nowhere, say hi to the fans and run out from the crowd. Haha!

Thanks again Singapore F1 for this. Hopefully next year you got a better performers at Padang stage..