Monday, September 29, 2014

Alt (Alternative) Pizza @ Suntec Tower 4

ABBEY: Wanna have a "pugon"-baked pizza? Then head to Suntec Tower 4 (near the Fountain taxi stand). 

We went there after office and had a "pizza"-ful dinner. One for one promotion is there for all their 11-inch pizzas. We got these: Bleu Haze, 400, The Hangover, Dangerous Diego, Crabby Ninja, and Alpha Lima Tango. I don't know if the last pizza name is the spelled out name of ALT Pizza. 

I liked Bleu Haze and my order, Dangerous Diego. Bleu Haze is an all-veggie one; the smell of mushroom is aromatic. Its texture is tender as if your eating meat in every bite. Dangerous Diego is the typical takeout pizza but it's not. It has more flavor and taste because of chorizo. 

ALT Pizza's chilli oil is a good complement with the pies; not too spicy. Be sure to finish them before they get cold.

WILL: Every time I am seeing a pizza, gluttony kicks in!  Yes, I can eat one and a half box of a 9" pizza. That is why buy one take one is a really good deal for me and Abbey. When our friend Vince asked for a meet up, I swiftly suggest ALT Pizza for us to take advantage on their September 1-for-1 promotion.

We met there around 6PM on F1 Saturday. Abbey and I ordered our 2 pizzas, Nadine ordered her 2 and Vince after arriving late (as usual) decided to go for Crabby Ninja and Alpha Lima Tango.

I want the 400° and Abbey went for Dangerous Diego. The most memorable for me is the Bleu Haze. It’s not that because Singapore was clothed with haze that time but because of the taste of the blue cheese melted together with parmesan and white sauce is tremendously unforgettable. Did I mention that this is thin crust pizza but 4 slices made me full. So we ended up wrapping home some of the slices.

Thanks ALT Pizza. You really gave new flavours on our pizza. Congrats Chef White for this cool place at Suntec 4.