Tuesday, September 23, 2014

JBM Coffee & Dining (Modern European Restaurant) - One Raffles Place Mall

ABBEY: Just like in life, in the corporate world, people come and go. One of my colleague and friend is migrating to NZ and we decided to meet at JBM Coffee and Dining (One Raffles Place).

They are offering one-for-one deal for their pastas, wine, and chicken. We ordered Golden Hen; half-spring chicken, cooked in garlic, potatoes and butter. It's a big serving but I managed to finish it all by myself. The meat is soft and tasty. The garlic juice blends with thin butter sauce which made it more flavourful. It costs 23SGD but was made half because of the promo.

WILL: Looking for a French Cuisine that will not break your bank? Head over to JBM Coffee and Dining at One Raffles Place Mall.

We were there to celebrate one of the main event in our friend’s life. For a dinner, we reserved a table via pm on their facebook page. Yeah! You read it right, they accepting reservations from their page. A mini get-together of Oracle Data Administrators. So cool!

We ordered their promotion of 1-for-1 Golden Hen (U.P. $23). It’s true! It’s a Golden Hen but she was already cooked so she won’t lay golden eggs, haha!, but she is there to fuel-up our empty stomach. The buttery flavour aroma made my stomach to grumble even further, but we need to wait for one more colleague for us to start.

So when she came, I picked urgently my fork and savour on my half chicken. The taste is so yummy. Every inch of it is so tender. But the sad truth is you need to consume it as fast as you can before the butter freeze in front of you.

This is a night of reminiscing, merriment and goodbyes. Till next time Aiz. See you in New Zealand.