Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gerry’s Grill Restaurant and Bar Singapore (Starhub Centre)

ABBEY: Ate Monette's birthday came and she held her party at Gerry's Grill in Cuppage Road. A table for 20 was reserved. We got sinigang na hipon, tokwa't baboy, barbecue, and their top item Crispy Pata.

The barbecue is delicious; sauce is dripping and each bite is a delight. The meat is tender and flavorful. I liked cripsy pata the most. Though it is a red flag for healthful living, I hope it won't hurt when I indulged with one and half of that :) Very crunchy and it really went well along with their soy sauce. 

A great party indeded; full of stories, laughters, and food.

WILL: Happy Birthday Ate Monnette. She celebrated her 2013 bday at Jollibee Singapore and this 2014 we booked for 20 people at Gerry's Grill located at Starhub Centre. We can't be accommodated indoors so we went for alfresco dining.

Their Sizzling Pusit Ala pobre is so tender. Pork Bbq is so nice that I asked for more sticks of it. I am here to taste their famous crispy pata. Yes it so crispy, yummy and quite spicy. Crispy pata is so nice that I asked April's plate of it to be transferred in front of me and Abbey.

Definitely this is a very recommended place for people here in Singapore to taste the Filipino Cuisines. Check out their websites for their menus and other locations.

Till next birthday celebration Gerry's Grill. Oh, before I forgot, you can pe-order your food, it will save waiting time.