Friday, September 5, 2014

Cavalia Singapore at The White Big Top (Marina Bay Sands)

ABBEY: I only see horses doing a performance in a circus show on television. Never seen a live one until last Sunday, 31st of August. It was shown in a large white tent adjacent to The Shoppes (Marina Bay Sands). The show starts at 5:30 but doors were open an hour early. In the tent lobby were Cavalia's merchandise from posters, pendants, plush toys and shirts. Snacks like popcorn, hotdog buns, and nachos were sold as well as drinks like sodas and wine.

Before the show starts, Q & A portion is there. Audience will participate by raising their hands when their answers will be flashed on the screen. I only got one correct answer. Fyi, all the horses are male. All expressed their awe when the first horse came out. No saddles, no strings. Lots of tricks and stunts were displayed. The "horse whisperers" did a great job. One trick that really impressed me is when the trainor guided six horses to jump a hurdle while standing on their backs. Last scene is when the stage was half-filled with ankle-deep water. Running on water, it gave these wonderful creatures more grace while moving.

It is not only horses that were shown but acrobats as well. Backflips, formations and gymnasts stunts were everywhere. All in all the performance is great; so great that it was extended until 28th of September.

WILL: The horses are amazing, their trainers don't even need to spank the stallions for them to obey. It seems that the horses and the men and women at the stage really understood each other. 

They are traveling around the globe and its first stop here in Asia is in The Red Dot and I will be so dumb to let this opportunity pass by. The tickets was sold like pancakes and the show was extended for few more weeks.

31st of August we walked our way in to the big white tent of Cavalia beside The Shoppe. We were greeted by their mechandise; tshirts, stuffed toys and more memorabilias. At 5pm, gate was open and we waited for 15 minutes and a Cavalia quiz starts. It so fun that almost all of the audience participated on it. Fun facts that shocked me that they only have stallions and geldings in show. No mares allowed. Haha

The performance started by a very fast running horse. Gosh! Chills! The stunts, the live musical scoring and of course the horses. It is magical. 

Thanks baby for sparing some of your time to be with me that night. Abbey is so busy! But he can't reject this because I paid for it. Haha!