Saturday, January 4, 2014

Domino’s Pizza Singapore - Cheesy Crust

ABBEY: My wife cleaned our room and I know she's tired battling dust and sweeping the floor. So as a compliment for her housekeeping I ordered Domino's Pizza's latest craze; cheesy crust pizza. 

It's the same delicious pizza, freshly delivered. But instead of throwing away the crust it will make you to eat the crust first. The cheese is chewy and had a smooth texture. I got a hard time handling a slice when the crust was gone. I hope Domino's will add more cheese on it :)

WILL: I am so fond of pizza. Well I know I already said it a thousand times, haha. We are very excited to learned that Domino's Singapore launched their Cheesy Crust, and the rest is history.

We ordered Basilico Chicken and Chickensaurus and top up their 1-for-1 pizza to a Cheesy Crust for additional $4. 

Its not new if I will say that I love Domino's pizza but the love get stronger when I bite its new crust!

I am holding myself to ask my husband for a monthly supply of pizza haha!