Monday, January 21, 2013

Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin - Money That's Never Short

ABBEY: The Bible teaches us to be a good steward  with the blessings that the Lord is giving to us especially when it comes to finance. Not that we have tons of money to manage but as it is written "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much". We just want to handle our finances well. This book gives us insight supported with Biblical truths that helps us to reach our goal. The author is an example of a "debt-slave" person until he overcome and paid them and became debt-free within a couple of years. He showed that living in debt is stressful. He wanted the readers to reach financial freedom with God's help. So if you're having financial worries, maybe this is the time to grab and read this book.

WILL: This is only a P50 book and I have a feeling that my Kuya have this to me for me to save money wisely. As I remember, my mom tagged me as the most stingy person she knew but my dad tagged me that I spend money like there is no tomorrow. 2 opinions from my 2 different closest person in my life. So let me asked my husband. Wait. And his answer is, I am thrifty. 
     Maybe I am the three of those and yet I am not ashamed. 
     Not blowing my own horn, I live a life that every little girl wanted to be. I had 11 barbies (original), a books of fairy tales, as early as 10 I have a collection of wristwatch, in my schooldays my clothes were from Guess to Gap to Tokyo Fashion, all of them were branded. But when I set foot on college and told by my mother that from there I will be writing my own future, I stopped and accepted that everything might be gone. I started to save my weekly allowance. Open a bank account and started to nurture my brain to survive the fight of so called "Life". 
     So here I am, saving the the most that I can, sharing it with the people that has lesser than I have. Contented on what we have, investing some in stocks and living a simple and yet peaceful and comfortable life. 
     Thanks for this book kuya. This made me realize that at the age of 30 I have some accomplishments na pala. ;) I will lend this book to other people for them to realize that we must save for the future and to be a blessing for others.