Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vikings: Luxury-Buffet Restaurant

ABBEY: Another buffet restaurant that you can enjoy dining in. Make sure to have your table reservations to avoid disappointment. We were supposed to be there at 7pm but due to flight delays we got there by 8pm; only an hour and a half to indulge. 

During that time people are still queueing for their tables. The place is jam-packed but it has a homey ambiance and the aroma of delicious food all over the place. My first plates are chicken satay, pork belly and baby back ribs which I found a little less moist and juicy. You have to put sauce to have the flavor up. I got Wilma her favorite puto-bumbong; a voilet-colored rice delight topped with niyo and brown sugar. I tried pork spare ribs, nido soup, and shanghai fried rice. 

They serve Japanese cuisine like sushi, fresh salmon carvings, and miso soup. 

WILL: Are you devoted in pursuing a sensual pleasure in enjoyment of good food but you are in a tight budget? Then, go ahead to the Mall of Asia Bldg B, oh I forgot, if you want to cut a queue please make a reservation through their facebook or email at 
      I am very very satisfied on their bibingka, puto bumbong, hot taho and pork & shrimp siomai. And the rest?, not good, not bad...just nothing special. 
      Some issues were raised when they confirmed three pax but gave us a table for two people and when they gave me a receipt and not handed my credit card. Until now my card is with them and they secured it as "safe" but when I told them to cut the card into two ask for the name behind those messages, 3 days passed and yet no reply from them. They never refill some of the servings. I don't know why. 
     The dinner costs us Php932.40. Will I go back there? Of course, for eat all you can putobungbong. :)