Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Matia's Inato Food Haus - Cebu City

You can't see any business sign of this diner but word of the street spreads like wild fire. Cab drivers know this place and a lot of patrons visit it again and again for grilled delights. We're an 8-pax party when we dined-in. We were really hungry when we arrived at the place and Matia's didn't disappoint us. 

We were ushered to a table and took our order. For 750 PHP we got 2 large plates of grilled chicken, pork belly, and gizzard. This also comes with puso (cooked rice wrapped in banana leaves) and drinks. The BBQ meat is tender and flavorful. I think I finished 5 rice servings. (really hungry huh). Now I know why this diner is popular in Cebu.

WILL: After pouring all of our adrenaline when we do the zipline at Adventure Cafe, we headed down from Balamban to eat in one of the famous ihaw-ihaw (grill) of Cebu, Matia's. 
      This restaurant seems a backyard turned to an al-fresco diner. A lot of people from different walks of life was there. We ordered a lot of grilled food but my favorites is the atay (Liver). I think I ate 4 sticks of those. When I saw that they have mango shake I immediately asked Abbey to get one for the ladies. Well, can't get enough of one, I ordered one more for take-out. It just get rid the dizziness I have felt that day. 
      This is worth visiting in Cebu. Best priced ihaw-ihaw.