Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wensha Spa - Pasay City (24 Hours Open)

ABBEY: After our adventure in Cebu and arrived in Manila we went directly from the airport to Wensha spa in Pasay. The place was jam-packed as it was a holiday. After a couple of minutes we are in the start of the line for payment. One person costs including the use of jacuzzi, sauna, shower, hot and cold pool. We were each given and locker for personal belongings, fresh towel, robe, and slippers. We changed clothes and hit the shower and pools. A new experience for me to dip in nudist pools. I didn't got the time to use sauna as my body wanted to lay down and have a massage. Ginger-infused oil was used on me and it gave me a warm and relaxing feeling. I started to snore as I went into slumberland. Sadly, the massage session ended.

I woke up and went to buffet table to recharge. Afritada, pancit canton, vegetable salad, fried sweet potato and soup were served during our visit. After eating, we changed clothes again and went home. Areas to improve; lessen the noise of masseurs waiting in massage area and clean the couch in spa lobby. I saw an adult cockroach roaming in it.

WILL: Well, this is a fascinating buzz in the spa business, Wensha as one of the most loved spa. And here is my view not by smudging other reviews but to clear and be true. 
      Abbey and I set up this occasion to bond with my siblings and after they picked us up at NAIA Terminal 2 we straight go their Pasay branch. 
      Astonished that there is so many people on queue to do some relaxation and shabu-shabu buffet. We took our lockers and walked-in to their all girls jacuzzi, steam bath, showers. I am pretty shocked that some girls just walking around wearing their birthday suit. No! I never dropped off my towel. Ha!ha! 
      After minutes of steam bath, I took a long hot shower then went to the other side of the building to get some kneading. Surprise number two, their walls is very dirty. So dirty I can see it even the the room  is not well lit. Shivering cold was felt and I thought I am the only feeling it, but when my masseur came in, she also complain how cold the air conditioning was. 4th surprise, every room have 2 beds and they never had any curtain for the privacy of the clients. The massage is not good, it seems that the lady is very tired. 
     Shabu-shabu is not that nice nor bad. We took this opportunity for some picture taking and some stories were told. For around P900 we had experienced this. Wensha must do some serious renovation in their place and train their masseurs even lot more.