Wednesday, January 9, 2013


ABBEY: The teaser got us. It's a Jackie Chan-movie. As expected the movie is action-packed and funny as well with his antics. It was a story of national treasures that needs to be given back to its rightful owners. But with greed, people are selling them for huge profits. Being promised with a good pay and great bonus, Jackie went for the searh of all Zodiac heads including the Dragon head. People with different interests on the artifacts were also in pursuit making it harder for Jackie to get and protect the heads. He also showed that at his age he can still do his well-coordinated stunts; like in the sofa, with his body skates, and on the photography room. Jackie still has it. Take note of the French gal who likes purple :)
Costa Coffee

WILL: When we saw the trailer of this movie, Abbey immediately asked me if we can used his cinema voucher to see this film, I nodded. 23rd of December afternoon, we went to VivoCity and hurriedly went to the the Golden Village counter to exchange the voucher to movie ticket. 
      Well, I like Jackie Chan and his antics since I am a child, so even this film has a very simple layout of story, I appreciated it much. Story 5/10, Stunts 10/10.
      Nice work Sir Jackie.