Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Magic Wok Thai Restaurant (E!Hub Downtown East)

ABBEY: We got hungry after attending a financial literacy seminar. We went to E!Hub Downtown East and surveyed the mall to dine in. 

We found Magic Wok. We were lucky that when we walked a table was available. Else guest should have a reservation. 

I tried the Basil Minced Beef with Egg for S$6.80. Wow, it was sweet, spicy and delicious. Serving is appropriate for the price and really filled me in.

Magic Wok Thai Restaurant (E!Hub Downtown East)

Magic Wok Thai Restaurant (E!Hub Downtown East)
Magic Wok Thai Restaurant (E!Hub Downtown East)
Basil Minced Beef with Egg

Magic Wok Thai Restaurant (E!Hub Downtown East)

We decided to explore Pasir Ris area after our seminar at Tampines. We took MRT and walked our way to E!Hub Downtown East.

We roam around the mall and saw a little signage of Magic Wok. It is situated just around the corner of 3rd floor. 

There are no people when we arrived but only one table doesn’t have the RESERVED sign. We were ushered to our seats and after few minutes, the diners started swarming in and the queue started to pile up. We also observed that there are Food Panda delivery men taking pack meals. OMG! I asked Abbey, what is this restaurant? The food should be great! 

My order, Phad Thai, is only S$4.80 and yet the serving seems to be for two people. It is savoury. It seems that you were transported to Thailand in a snap! No wonder why there is a queue and delivery men pouring in to take online orders, and we are so lucky to get a table. The ONLY table. 

This is one of the best Thai Restaurant I have tried. It beats the fancy restaurant that only can offer is a name. 

We’ll be back here for sure!

Magic Wok Thai Restaurant (E!Hub Downtown East)
(H) 11AM – 10PM
(A) 1 Pasir Ris Close #03-101

Monday, July 24, 2017

Omurice and Vegetable With Japanese Curry Recipe

Ingredients :
Cooked rice (preferably a day-old)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
1 tbsp margarine
3 eggs (yolks and whites separated and whisked)
Instant Japanese curry.

In a pan with little oil, fry the eggs. Let it rest and cut it to strips. 
In the same pan, melt the margarine and put the garlic then rice.
Lay out food wrap and knit egg strips alternately.
Put a bowl of rice on top. Seal the wrap until the egg-rice forms a globe shape.
Unwrap the egg-rice and place in a center of a bowl.
Put curry on the side and serve. Enjoy.

WILL: “Uwi ka na, dali!”, and on that cue I know, there is something waiting for me at home waiting to unfold!

Once I entered our flat, Abbey immediately assisted me to direct to our room. I want to go to the fridge but he blocked me and offered me that he will get it for me. From there, I know there is something in that kitchen. Ha! 

After I changed, hubby is waiting for me at the dining table, then a bowl of well crafted Omurice and aroma of curry surprised me. 

The Omurice is a picturesque. I hate to destroy it by my spoon. But that’s food. So I got to eat it. Sorry. 

The texture of egg at top of the rice is incredible. It went well with the vegetable curry around it. 

Please, husbands! Surprise your wives too! They deserve it! ๐Ÿ˜

Saturday, July 22, 2017

LiHO Singapore - The Delicious Cheese Tea

ABBEY: Once Gong Cha was replaced by Liho, a new fad began. And that was cheese tea. Yes, liquid cheese. At first I wondered what would be its taste. My first cup was a Cheese Mango Smoothie. 

Cheese is good; salty and sweet. Mango taste like from artificial flavorings. Three ways to drink: You can sip the cheese on top, poke a straw and taste your preferred flavor below the cheese or mix them. A cup costs 6.90 SGD, only 1 size for smoothie. I like their Cheese Ovaltine Smoothie. It reminds me of Gong Cha’s Golden Ovaltine with creamy cheese on top.

Room for improvement though: Kindly get a good estimate of the demand on your stores. I visited your Waterway Point branch twice. First, no cheese. Second, got cheese but no smoothie.

Liho Branch at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

LiHO Singapore
Cheese 'n' Choc Smoothie
Cheese Mango Smoohie  
How to Drink Liho 

LiHO Singapore - The Delicious Cheese Tea - Menu

WILL: Liho took over Gong Cha! Huhuhu! Yup all Gong Cha’s branches in Singapore were overhauled by new Liho and by its new offering. 

Yes! They still offer drinks but this is a rebellious change. Why? Have you tried to put cheese on your tea or chocolate shake? Hmm, everybody is curios (yes that includes us) and that curiosity builds up a long queue and caused cheese to beout of stock for weeks. 

I tried Cheese ‘n’ Choc Smoothie and Cheese Ovaltine Smoothie. The result, I got addicted to Cheese Ovaltine Smoothie. The salty and sweet taste shook up my tastebuds and I keep on craving for this. It is $6.90 per serving. Expensive but it makes me happy! ๐Ÿ˜

Try it! You will love Liho as you loved Gong Cha. :)

LiHO ้‡Œๅ– Punggol
(A) #B2-K10, Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, 828761
(T)  11AM–10PM

Friday, July 21, 2017

Spectra – Light & Water Show - Marina Bay Sands

ABBEY: Spectra replaced Wonder Full light and water show at Marina Bay. But it seems it didn’t surpass the latter. 

We watched its first show but the climax died down at the end and expecting that there is something more when it ended. I was hoping that the centerpiece will somehow go for fireworks or get lights with water spray, but it just changes light. 

It lacked story and excitement.

Spectra – Light & Water Show - Marina Bay Sands

WILL: Wonder Full bid goodbye to its audience for this year. But some ending makes a way for a new beginning. So Spectra came to life. 

We where there to witness the premiere of this show and every audience is expecting a lot on this new MBS water and light show. 

We were awed by the colorful lights but there is a missing piece on that show. Hmm, maybe because Wonder Full have a story and Spectra is all about displaying of lights. 

Anyways, thank you Marina Bay Sands for this free Water and Light Show!


Spectra – Light & Water Show - Marina Bay Sands
(H) Sunday to Thursday – 8pm & 9pm / Friday & Saturday – 8pm, 9pm and 10pm
(A) 10 Bayfront Avenue (Event Plaza)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kallang Ice World at Leisure Park Kallang

ABBEY: We went to Kallang Ice World so our visitors can show and enhance their skating skills on ice. 

For S$17.50 we got a two-hour playtime. Skate aides/guides in form of bent metal bars are free. I hope they can also have for adult my size (almost 6ft). 

If you want to maximize the time, make sure to change fast and hit the rink as soon as you can as the time starts ticking by the time of your entry. This also includes if the resurfacing happens during your stay. 

Please keep your ticket and don’t lose it. Else you’ll be charged for a full payment before you go out. 

The good thing about the place it is enclosed and not much crowd will see you fall or do your stunts. :)

Kallang Ice World at Leisure Park Kallang
Skating Rink and Metal Bar 

Kallang Ice World at Leisure Park Kallang
Fee List 

WILL: This will be the second time for us to ice skate. And this time, we have enough time to linger around on a plate of snow. 

Kallang Ice World is way better than The Rink of Jurong. Why? Firstly, the skaters have more privacy. Second, the metal bar is free for use. Third, it is not that crowded. 

So please be reminded to bring your own socks and mittens or you can buy it at the counter. The fee is $S17.50 for two hours and the cleaning of the ice arena is included in that 2-hours. 

I enjoyed skating here. But please be careful or you will end up seeing doctor because of strains.

Kallang Ice World
(H) Sun-Thu: 10AM-10PM / Fri-Sat & Eve of PH: 10AM-12AM / PH: 9AM-10PM
(A) 5 Stadium Walk (Level 3)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Singapore Island Cruise - St. John's Island, Kusu Island, & Lazarus Island

ABBEY: Make sure you plan well when visiting the Kusu / St. John's / Lazarus islands. Singapore Island Cruise is the only ferry company that provides this service. Purchase ticket for SGD18.00 at their office at Marina South Pier. 

Take note of the ferry timings else you need to wait for a couple of hours for the next one. First stop is St. John’s and Lazarus island. This is a perfect place for picnic and spend sometime at the beach. The water is more serene at the back of the island (with reference from the ferry dock). 

Then next is Kusu or turtle island. It is more of a pilgrimage place as there are 3 temples on it. So be quiet to show respect for the people who are praying. 

For the island tour, wear light clothing, pack food especially water to avoid dehydration. There are no shops on the islands. 

Go ahead, book your tour and explore other islands of Singapore.

Singapore Island Cruise
St. John's Island, Kusu Island, & Lazarus Island

WILL: In this life full of stress and anxiety, sometimes all you need is vitamin “sea”. But where to go to escape a “city-life” here in Singapore, beside Pulau Ubin? Aha! Island hopping! 

Who told you that Singapore has only 4 islands (Main Singapore, Pulau Ubin, Sentosa, Jurong)? Singapore has 63 and in one day, we visited another 3 of those. 

We alighted at Marina South Pier MRT station just parallel to Cruise Center. We bought a ticket for S$18 at Singapore Island Cruise. Please be on time or you will end up waiting for an hour or two for the next boat. 

The journey is enjoyable and fast. In no time, we reached St. John’s Island. You can have a picnic at this site. There are tables and benches and emerge yourself to see the busy city from another perspective.

Connecting with that is Lazarus Island. It is not Boracay, it is not Phuket, it is Lazarus Beach. Calm sea water and white sands stuns me and Abbey when we saw this hidden gem of Singapore. :) Tsk! Unlucky of me, I didn’t brought swimsuit. So what we did, we soaked our feet into the water to somewhat detoxify our body. 

We went back to St. John’s Island to catch the boat to our next destination...Kusu Island. 

Kusu is sacred place. Some people go here for their pilgrimage. At the back of Chinese temple, you can find also a beach but not as good of Lazarus but the difference is, there are some cottages here for you to put your belongings and sleep not under the scorching heat of the sun. Oh! There is a wishing well too! 

In this trip, please bring your own food and drinks. No hawker or anyone in there to sell you something. Put on your sunscreen protector! :) 

Visit the islands! It is worth your time!

Singapore Island Cruise
(W) http://www.islandcruise.com.sg/
(A) #01-04 Marina South Pier
(T) 8am - 4:45pm

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chinkee Tan's - Singapore | Be Moneywise: Learn To Protect And Grow Money

ABBEY: At first, I was hesitant to go for Chinkee Tan's talk here in Singapore due to my schedule. But my thirst for learning won. We attended it at AIA Alexandra and I'm glad we did. It reminded me of the things I learned at Millionaire Mind Intensive: to change your mindset, your beliefs and money blueprint. 

My greatest take away is when he said to be contented but not satisfied. This will ensure to pursue greater cause, purpose and dream. 

I also enrolled for his mentorship where I got tons of materials like books and videos for free for a price of 100SGD. Invest in education, learn from the successful ones and be like them. 

Thanks Mr. Chinkee Tan. See you soon! 

Chink+ : Be Moneywise: Learn To Protect And Grow Money

WILL: Chinkee Tan is one of the famous financial speaker in Philippines and we did not let the opportunity pass to see him live when he visited Singapore. His 3-hour seminar was held at AIA Alexandra. 

My greatest take-away was when he told the attendees that "Huwag mong ipilit ang lifestyle mo. And compute the real value ng bawat binibili mo". He also emphasized to group on to three the goals we have in life.. Short, Medium to Long Term Goals. In that you can achieve those step-by-step..little-by-little. He pinpointed out that he was neck-deep on debts when his wife got ill. That is how important the health and medical insurance is. 

Oh! We bought his package to have sessions with him. ;) Can't wait to learn more and be more knowledgeable because of this man.

Chinkee Tan – Filipino Motivational Speaker
(W) https://chinkeetan.com

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant

ABBEY: This is our first "dine out" after our US trip and we were too lazy to cook. We went to Knuckles an hour before dinner to avoid the rush hour. 

I got Chicken Chop for 8SGD. The big serving of chicken came with fries and greens. I also had couple of bites of the featured Knuckle entrรฉe. It is crispy outside and moist and soft inside. 

Definitely a match for beers. But I had soda instead. :) Make sure to come early as it will be packed.

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant - Menu 
Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - Chicken Chop

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Pork Knuckles

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant - Menu

WILL: I am longing for crispy pata! And every time I found a restaurant here in Singapore that serves pork knuckles, I am always swept off my feet on its price! Well, one diner gave a solution for that! Presenting KNUCKLES! A S$10 German Pork Knuckles with mashed potato on the side. 

The crispness and juiciness is delighting. Oh! It is boneless! :) Even there is a mashed potato to serve as my carbo intake, I still ordered garlic rice. Perfect!!! 

We found a gem! Great food, nice ambiance, and all smiling staff! Hey! 

We WILL return!

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant
(H) 530PM - 11PM
(A) 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-33

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Virgils Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer at Hop Shop Craft Beers & Ciders Store Singapore

ABBEY: When I saw this at a candy shop in Chicago, I didn't take my hands off it. I need to try and savor the drink they are having in Harry Potter. Not exactly the same as butterbeer but closest one. My Aunt Araceli bought it for me as a treat. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring it back to Singapore. 

My wife saw how sad I am so she checked the item online, ordered it and have it shipped to us. I was ecstatic when I opened the box. 

In the blender, we put a scoop of vanilla ice cream, then pour a bottle of butterscotch drink and some ice. The result is a white, creamy, sweet slushie; perfect for a hot weather. 

Thanks Baby Wilma.

Virgils Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer
from Hop Shop Craft Beers & Ciders Store Singapore 

I saw the sadness on Abbey's face when he realized that he forgot the Butterscotch (gift from Mommy Telec) in Ate Gail's fridge. So, the wife is to the rescue! Haha! I searched for a store here in Singapore that can deliver those "Harry Potter soda". 

I am shocked to find out that in USA a bottle costs is US$3.50 and here in Singapore it is S$3.50 too. Who says that everything here in SG is expensive? Hmp! 

So I bought 4 bottles of it. When it was delivered, I requested Abbey to open it. I saw a sparkle in his eyes, smiled onto me and hugged me tight. That is how simple (childish?) Abbey is. Haha! 

When my nephews are here, we feasted on the drink, put some of Butterscotch, ice and vanilla ice cream to the blender! Cha-na-nan! A Butterscotch Shake! Bye diet! Yikes!  

You can buy it here in SG at Hop Shop Craft Beers and Ciders Store and they will deliver it for you! 

Happy Harry Pottering!

Hop Shop Craft Beers & Ciders Store
(W) www.hopshop.com.sg
(H) 11.00am to 9pm
(A) 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #B1-15 Bukit Timah Plaza

Virgils Flying Cauldron - Butterscotch
A magical refreshment for wizards and unrealized wizards alike =)
Harry Potter Beer

Monday, July 10, 2017

Food Capital at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

ABBEY: We had dinner with our guests from Pinas at Food Capital @ Grand Copthorne Hotel. The buffet setup is circular. You can check the food items in one fluid circular motion. 

What caught my attention is their carving station. The beef and lamb is soft, tender and moist. I put gravy on each bite. Next is laksa. I was craving for it and didn't get disappointed with the bowl I got. Then I had some chicken tandoori, sushi and chicken lasagna. The beef stew literally melted in mouth. No chewing needed. :) 

To wash them down, I had coffee. We availed EATIGO's 50% reservation service and the price went down to S$37++ (UP S$74++).

WILL: Grand Copthorne at Clarke Quay announced its opening of newly renovated restaurant... the Food Capital. While browsing EATIGO, I am on my luck that Food Capital is on their list of 50% discount. I booked and an instant confirmation sent to my email and I received an SMS too. 

We were greeted delightfully by the concierge and guided us to our table. And from the video, it  doesn't have too many selection BUT the viands are incredibly savory. 

What I love the most is their fresh oyster. Yeah! Yeah! Every hotel buffet has it, but Grand Copthorne Hotel's Food Capital has the meatiest and oyster I have tasted. Hmmmm, other hotels, you should check out who is their supplier. Haha! Their laksa is remarkable too. Chocolate fountain is available for kids to enjoy. Coffee and tea is there to help you digest your first round meal. Haha! Do not skip their desserts, specially the eclair. 

You can have a seat beside the window for you to enjoy the sight of Singapore River. 

Enjoy the discounted buffet!

Food Capital at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
(W) https://www.millenniumhotels.com/en/singapore/grand-copthorne-waterfront-hotel-singapore/
(H) 6:30AM–10:30PM
(A) 392 Havelock Rd (Ground Floor)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ButtonsUp Mushroom Crisp (Salted Egg Flavour)

ABBEY: Buttons Up Mushroom is the entrepreneurial product of one of our friends in The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) group, Ate Che. 

Filipinos love chips (chichirya). And we all know those belong to junk food group. So how to replace them and encourage Pinoys to eat healthful food like mushroom? Mask the taste, package it good and sell. Clever right? That's how Buttons Up Mushroom is doing it. 

I tried it and I'll never know that it is mushroom if it'll be a blind test. 

It is crispy and flavorful. Be sure to grab all you can once the stock is replenished as they are selling like hotcakes.

ButtonsUp Mushroom Crisp (Salted Egg Flavour)
WILL: Abbey lovvvvvvesssss chicharon (fried pork rind) and that is his request to our dad every time someone will visit Singapore. It is unhealthy for anyone to eat that oily skin and porks' fat. 

When crispy mushrooms start to emerge in Philippine Market, Abbey is eager to taste those. BUT! Buttons Up Mushroom is always out of stock, but luckily last June, I managed to order and they arranged a free delivery at our home. We ordered 10packs (Php150 each).

My sister and friends already have tasted some of those and all I can hear is a good feedback. Now, it's our time to check it for our own. Haha. 

One bite and it is taste like pork. No hint of mushroom. This is the healthiest version of chicharon. Actually, it is perfect with rice and vinegar. Need picka-picka for your drinking session? Forget the nuts. This well complements your alcohol. 

Abbey keep on munching of those and ate most of it all. Yep! Abbey is now addicted to it. Haha! 

They have different flavors but their best seller is salted egg :) 

Buttons Up Mushroom Crisp (Salted Egg Flavor) 
(T) +639298186723

Mushroom Crisp Flavors - Php150.00
Salted Egg (BEST SELLER)
Spicy Salted Egg 
Tsoko Shrooms 

Oyster Mushroom Burger Patty - Php100.00
Oyster Mushroom Achara - Php60.00

Monday, July 3, 2017

Spicy Fingers Singapore Bar and Restaurant at Chijmes

ABBEY: We were invited by our friend Sophia to try what they offer at Spicy Fingers (#B1-05 Chijmes). The bar and restaurant opens from 5PM until 2AM or 4AM on weekends. 

I tried their Lechon Kawali (roasted pork and then fried) and it was superb. The skin is crispy but the inside is soft and tender. Your fork or knife will reach the plate immediately when you cut the pork. It is that soft; like cutting butter with knife. And the taste? It is delicious. It comes with salsa and sweet gravy (like Mang Tomas lechon sauce). You can have it for S$16.00 for 6 succulent cuts. 

I partnered it with mojito for 6SGD Happy Hour Price (5PM-9PM). They have shooters, cocktails and premium ones for 5, 6, 7SGD respectively. 

Unwind and relax with food, drinks and live band at Spicy Finger. As they say : Party like a rock star.

Spicy Fingers Singapore Bar and Restaurant at Chijmes
Big Bites Menu 
Spicy Fingers Singapore Bar and Restaurant at Chijmes
Wee Bites Menu

WILL: Do you know that Chijmes is one of the historic places of Singapore and one the most prestigious locations of bars in the year 2009 but due to the renovations done and some areas are closed for public, it slowly slipped out of people's mind. 

But now! Chijmes gradually taking its place to become one of the most visited places in Singapore. They packed its area with alfresco dining and the lawn's event continually magnifying in Social Media. 

We visited one of the newly built restaurant/bar at Chijmes..the Spicy Fingers. It was located at Basement 1 with a great view of the beautiful architecture of Gothic Chapel. They have a huge screen for you to watch your favourite team of football. Not entertained by that? They have band that starts at 9PM. 

Not enticed to visit Spicy Fingers? How about their Crazy Happy Hour that offers your drink? Their happy hour is from 5-9PM and price starts at $5. Oh! Do not forget to order the Lechon Kawali. The crispy skin but juicy and tender meat of a pork. 

Dinner date? They got you covered. They have big bites to offer your lady and a dessert to relinquish your body. I recommend their Baby Back Ribs. :) 

Visit Chijmes. Visit Spicy Fingers. The best place for you to shoosh the stress away. 

Spicy Fingers (Bar and Restaurant)
(H) 5PM till late 
(A) 30 Victoria Street (Chijmes) #B1 - 05

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Singapore Tour Itinerary - 4D3N Singapore Trip Planning

Hello Lovelies! 

After few people sent their queries to help them in constructing their itinerary here in Singapore, we decided to put together a sample of it based on most flight schedule they have given to us. 

Hope this would help your planning! 

Singapore Tour Itinerary - 4D3N Singapore Trip Planning - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE 
Singapore Tour Itinerary - 4D3N Singapore Trip Planning - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Singapore Tour Itinerary - 4D3N Singapore Trip Planning - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
Any questions, do not hesitate to hit us a message on our facebook page at A&W - The Couple Bloggers 

Eight Continents - EC Travel and Tours(Travel Now - Pay Later Scheme) 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ectravels/
Phone: +63 933 585 4101

Beary Best Hostel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abearygoodhostel
Phone: +65-6222 4957

Singapore Tourist Pass
Phone: +656496 8300

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpicyFingersSingapore/
Chijmes B1-05, 30 Victoria St
Happy Hour: 5pm-9pm DAILY


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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bantam Bagels in Starbucks Chicago

ABBEY: We're a fan of Shark Tank and one of the products pitched in the show was the Bantam Bagel. It is being carried under the wings of Starbucks all across US. So we gave it a try when we went to Chicago. 

It costs USD2.95 a pair. Basically it is a bagel ball. That's all. The taste and filling (cream cheese) is the same as others.

Bantam Bagels in Starbucks Chicago 
WILL: I will never forget the taste of this Bantam Bagel. It is my number one in our "To Eat List" when we visited Chicago. Why? This made me drool when I saw sharks (Shark Tank) lingering at the taste of this bite-size bagels. 

One morning Abbey, together with Kuya Victor, went to Starbucks and bought me a bunch of those Bantam Bagel. 

The taste? It is what the same with other bagels with spreads and the only difference is the size. Now I am thinking maybe, they put extra ordinary effort when they are pitching at Shark Tank. 

You can find Bantam Bagel in the nearest Starbucks in your area. :)

Bantam Bagels
(W) https://www.bantambagels.com