Friday, June 23, 2017

Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar 2017

ABBEY: We went to the most-talked-about Geylang Serai Bazaar a week before the Ramadhan starts. 

For main meal, I got mutton curry. The mutton is tender and the gravy is spicy, thick and delicious . It really went well with the rice. I also had takoyaki. 

We were looking for something to drink when we stumble upon Bangkok Cafe. They are selling butterscotch drink. Oh boy, it was good; cold, creamy,  and sweet. 

We didn't delve much on the "unicorn" foods. Anyway they are already hyped and being reviewed by all :)

Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar 2017 - Butterscotch Shake  
Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar 2017 - Rainbow Oh Fish Burger

Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar 2017 - Word Menu

Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar 2017 - Mutton Curry
WILL: This is one of the biggest collaboration of HALAL-Certified restaurants all over Singapore. You do not need to travel here and there just take a bite of their different offerings. 

BE WARNED! Some food is just picture perfect but the taste and quality is nadah! So here is the food/drink we lingered in and well-recommended for you to stop wasting money (like we did) in trying most of the stalls at Geylang Serai. 

Here is my top 3. 
--> This Instagram worth and yet worth splurging for, I present to you the rainbow fish burger ($8 with fries) of Word. It is better than any fishburger of any fast food chains. The fillet is tender and fishy? Haha! Don't be fooled of the rainbow bun. Maybe you will think that it is only color and bland taste? Eeeennkkk! Wrong! The bun itself is yummy! 

--> Abbey roamed around and when he came back, he have the Crispy Mushroom ($3) of Power Chicken. Its is truly crispy and there is a kick of spiciness in the end. 

--> Butterscotch Shake of Bangkok Cafe! Caught me by surprise and on the first sip, I decided to forget that night my diet. Well who cares with the numbers of calories. Haha! It is like you are drinking a cooked condensed milk. Plus the scoop of vanilla ice cream! Sugarrr Rush!! :) 

You have few more days for you to catch up this stalls! Eat considerably.

Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar 2017 
(A) Beside Tanjong Katong Complex Singapore 
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar Station

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wildfire Restaurant Chicago - Steaks, Chops & Seafood

ABBEY: Our Kuya and Ate treated us to Wildfire restaurant for our wedding anniversary and Wilma's birthday. It was cold outside but you'll feel warm and homey once you got in. 

We tried their Porterhouse; a combination of New York strip and filet mignon in a single steak. A couple of minutes later and slice of meat was served. The portion is huge. The taste? Juicy, moist and flavorful. Fit for the kings and queens. 

Thank you Kuya and Ate.

Wildfire Restaurant Chicago (Steaks, Chops & Seafood) -  

Wildfire Restaurant Chicago (Steaks, Chops & Seafood) - Menu
Wildfire Restaurant Chicago (Steaks, Chops & Seafood) -  
Sundae Sampler

WILL: It was our 6th wedding anniversary. Kuya Roy and Ate Abigail, the generous couple, treated as at Wildfire! 

They are correct! The steak in here is pretty humongous and delectable. The meat is "oh-so-juicy" and so tender that you do not need an effort to slice it off from its bones. One serving can fit for me and Abbey's appetite. 

Next, is dessert. To tell you, I have no more space for that meal but when I saw and got one taste of Sundae Sampler. I can't help myself. My tummy moved for accommodate this Wildfire's dessert. haha! Spell G-L-U-T-T-O-N-Y. 

Very recommendable. Thanks Ate and Kuya for our meal and driving us at that place. Till next time. :)

Wildfire Restaurant Chicago - Steaks, Chops & Seafood 
(A) 159 W. Erie Chicago, IL
(T) (312) 787-9000 
(H) Mon - Fri: 11:30am - 10:00pm / Sat: 4:00pm - 10:00pm / Sun: 4:00pm - 9:00pm / 4th of July: 4:00pm – 9:00ppm

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches / Jersey Mike's USA - Authentic Sub Sandwich Franchise Since 1956

Jimmy John's
Our first day in Downtown Chicago is almost done and we grab a bite to eat. We went to Jimmy John's (249 S State St). I got J.J.B.L.T for 6.25USD. We were surprised as the sub is cold; not what we used to have here in Singapore from other sandwich shops. That's the only difference I observed compared to Subway. 

Jersey Mike's
Jersey Mike's Subs saved us from "imminent" hunger as the shops around Cadillac Palace Theatre were closed. I ordered Jersey Mike's Famous Philly Hot Sub with free flow of drink. I like the bread the most. It is soft and fresh and the cheese goes well with it.

Jersey Mike's USA - Authentic Sub Sandwich Franchise Since 1956
Jersey Mike's Famous Philly Hot Sub
& Chicken Philly Cheese Steak 
Jersey Mike's USA - Authentic Sub Sandwich Franchise Since 1956 - Menu

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches - Menu 
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches - Pepe Sub 

WILL: Jimmy John's is our snack before we head back home on our first day "all-alone" trip in downtown Chicago.

I frowned when Abbey handed me the cold meal from the counter. With questionable squint, I asked why he gave me a cold sub. He smiled and told me that it is the norm. Blood drained to my face and I started to think how can I eat this freezing sandwich. Surprise, surprise, it was delicious. Their bun is exquisite, crunchy outside but soft and smooth in the inside. The buns' aroma is tempting too! I can eat that unusual cold sub again and again. 

The story behind Jersey Mike's is that there is no other store open for us to have a dinner before the Aladdin show starts. 

Yup! We have no other choice but to dine at Jersey Mike's located at West Monroe Street but it turned out to be radically good! Haha! 

The beef is delectably juicy but not oily. The meat is real meat! Haha! The crews were amazingly helpful. I am glad if this diner will extend up to Asia. :) 

This stores were the reason why we gained more than 5kgs in our 16days stay in Illinois. Haha! 

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

Jersey Mike's USA - Authentic Sub Sandwich Franchise Since 1956
(H) Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm
(A) 200 West Monroe Street Suite 120

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lincoln Park Zoo

ABBEY: Note to visitors: Lincoln Park Zoo is big and half day is not enough to cover it. You've been warned.

It was pre-spring and still cold when we went there but still we're able to see animals like mountain lion, flamingos, macaques, penguins, polar bear, and vultures. 

I was amazed by their aviary. The birds have beautiful bright colors and have lots of species. Also we're able to visit the center for African apes. 

Lincoln Park Zoo - Flamingo Island 
Lincoln Park Zoo's Lions' Den 
Lincoln Park Zoo  
Lincoln Park Zoo - Bird at Aviary

WILL: If you will google what are the free things to do in Chicago, Lincoln Zoo and Park will not be off the list. Imagine? Zoo for free? Hmmm, wondering what animals they are showcasing? Okay let's hit it one by one. 

Birds, magnificent feathers, tails, size and beaks. They are totally all unidentifiable for me. Gorillas and monkeys. King of the jungle..Lions. Zebras. Penguins, polar bears. Flamingo and many more. Ahmmm, because of cold weather some of them were in custody and not available for viewing. 

Do not follow us. Do not visit the zoo in winter or spring. Go here in summer, where the flowers are blooming and all of the animals are out ready to take all your inquisitive looks. :) 

Anyways, we still enjoyed out long walk at Lincoln Zoo :) 

Lincoln Park Zoo
(A) 2001 North Clark Street • Chicago, IL 60614
(T) 312-742-2000

(H) September - October 10am-5pm (gates open 7am-6pm) 
November-March 10:00am-4:30pm (gates open 7am-5pm)
April-May 10am-5pm (gates open 7am-6pm)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Boss Baby at Muvico Rosemont 18

ABBEY: It's good that there is a good movie when we went to Chicago and we got to experience to go to a movie theater there. It was at Muvico Rosemont 18 and the movie is Boss Baby. The theater is clean and has less people as it is Sunday after lunch. Now I know why they say that theater food is a rip-off. 7 USD for a large Coke slurpee, come on. The seats are good and spacious; enough leg room for me.

Boss Baby is a funny movie and also has lessons. The antics of the baby in suit is great as well as his squad. Now that's another story how babies are born and given to a family (they arrived in taxis). Haha. I wonder where I can get that formula :)

Muvico Rosemont 18's Free Photobooth

Muvico Rosemont 18 Free Photo
WILL: Abbey and I want to keep on waiting on the showing of Boss Baby and it went out in movie theatres when we were in Chicago. Because of the dire curiosity to see this "Boss" baby, we gently requested Mommy Telec and Paulo to accompany us. And then, they brought us at Muvico. 

Muvico is a huge place that solely caters the moviegoers. I am not sure how many halls they have but the place is colossal. Hey Muvico! How dare you to charge a unreasonable amount of US$7 for a frozen coke? Huhu!

Okay now, let's go to Boss Baby. Now I know where are the babies from. The lesson I learned, love your sibling? No matter what?! Haha! 

Okay, okay.. that's all for now! Spread love guys! Start it at home!

Muvico Rosemont 18 
(A) 9701 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont, IL 60018, USA

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Disney ALADDIN on Broadway | The Hit Broadway Musical at Cadillac Palace Theatre

ABBEY: We got so excited when we learned that Aladdin will be shown in Chicago the same time we will visit there. We booked our tickets on Wilma's natal day. After completing the payment we just realized that the show we booked is on New York. True story. But Ticketmaster helped us to refund it and booked a pair again, now in Cadillac Palace, Chicago. 

It was the first night of the production and the guests flocked at the theater and each was given a program. The place was dimly-lit but well alive. We can hear the orchestra doing their final tune up. And a couple of minutes later, the show began.

It was magical and spectacular. The actors are great especially Genie. The scene I like the most is when Genie and Aladdin met. Yes, and not when he met Jasmine. It was just intense, loud, vibrant, and elegant. The magic carpet ride will take you to pitch black skies with stars that shine like diamonds while being serenaded with "A whole new world". 

The duo Jafar and Iago gave us good laughs. Kudos to the cast, director and whole production of Aladdin.
Disney ALADDIN on Broadway | The Hit Broadway Musical at Cadillac Palace Theatre 
Cadillac Palace Theatre

WILL: A whole new world! A dazzling place I never knew... 

Watching Aladdin at Cadillac Palace is a true-to-life "a whole new world" for me and Abbey. We never dreamt that we can watch a play at US of A and so fantastic that it showed my all-time favorite Disney cartoon Aladdin. 

What is the best scene I cannot forget? When Aladdin was chased by guards, when Aladdin was inside the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin was introduced at the palace, and ahmm... can I say all? There is no dead air or boring scene. Like a child, I can watch it again and again! Haha! 

Cadillac Palace is the theatre that I saw in movies. Draping curtains, lavish ceilings and lovely carpets. It is a magnificent place and perfect for the extravagant palace of Princess Jasmine! 

Thanks Abbey for this play! Lurve it! More-more broadway shows to watch :)

Disney ALADDIN on Broadway | The Hit Broadway Musical
(T) U.S.: 866-870-2717

Cadillac Palace Theatre
(A) 151 W. Randolph St Chicago, IL

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Millennium Park / Magnificent Mile / Navy Pier

ABBEY: This is the start of our Downtown Chicago "exploration" alone. Yup, only me and Wilma, and our handy Apple Maps. Millennium Park is our first goal. This park is where the Cloudgate (The Bean) is located. Make sure to be there early to get a good snap of The Bean that is not much crowded. Performances are being shown in Jay Pritzker Pavillion  
during summer and audiences can lay back and enjoy it at the Great Lawn. Flower lovers can visit Lurie Garden. The Crown Fountain and Wrigley Square and Millennium Park Monument is also there. Cross the BP bridge and you'll be connected to Maggie Daley Park. Great exercise with great views.

Head North towards N Michigan and Wacker Drive (Chicago River) and you're in at Magnificent Mile; the upscale section of Michigan Avenue. I got my Harry Potter candies like chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts every-flavor-beans, and butterbeer from Dylan's Candy Bar courtesy of my Aunt Araceli. We also visited Victoria's Secret for Wilma to have a couple of new undergarments. Popular landmarks like the Water Tower and John Hancock Center can be found here.

We also went to Navy Pier. We enjoyed the breeze as we stroll along the pier while watching the carnival rides. You can also book a reservation to get into a yacht on sunset.

Millennium Park - Jay Pritzker Pavillion  
Magnificent Mile - Water Tower 
Navy Pier's Centennial Wheel - A 360 Degree View of the City‎ 
Navy Pier - Crystal Gardens

WILL: Beside museums, you can enjoy the streets of downtown Chicago. But get ready of your feet, you need to take 20-30k steps for you to checkout this three sites. 

Our very first stop was Millennium Park. In here the "bean" is located, the Jay Pritzer Pavilion and the famous sculptures of different artists. Cloudgate is definitely a must to see if you visited Illinois. 

We do not have plan to visit Magnificent Mile. I am bit in to shopping but we cannot help it because the Ledge was just located in there. Haha! So no brainer, we just stroll and Abbey was so happy that his long time plan for him to buy me a Victoria's Secret lingerie came true. Hehe. Of course, I gladly accepted that shopping spree. :) You can see almost the brands you are wanting to see and there's a promotion on every store. 

Navy Pier! Oh because we have nothing to do on our 4th day "gala". And we saw that Navy Pier is just few streets from Tilt!, we opted to explore the area. What we saw there? A ferris wheel (Navy Pier's Centennial Wheel), the Crystal Gardens (located at 2nd floor), parked yachts and a windy place to relax and enjoy the breeze from the lake. 

On those 3, my favorite is Navy Pier. 

Millennium Park
(H) 6 am - 11 pm Daily
(A) 201 East Randolph Street (between Michigan Ave. & Columbus Ave.)
(T) 312-742-1168

The Magnificent Mile 
(A)North Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Navy Pier | A Chicago Landmark
(H) 10AM – 10PM
(A) 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

(T) 1-800 595-PIER (7437)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Skydeck Chicago's LEDGE & TILT! Chicago's Newest Thrill Ride

ABBEY: These two attractions are a must-see for every tourist in Chicago. Our passes were included in the CityPass we purchased. 

With CityPass, no more lining up the long queue, we were at the express lane. 

The Skydeck is at 103rd floor of Willis Tower (formerly Sears) while The Tilt is at 94th floor of 360 Chicago (John Hancock). Both gives an excellent view of Downtown and Lake Michigan. 

The Ledge is an all-glass box protruding outside the building which gives you the feel of walking in the air and fear of falling down. You can snap all the pictures you want but be mindful of other guests. 

However in The Tilt, you need to top-up 6USD to have the experience. And also no cameras. You need to buy the official photo if you want a copy. Hold on to the sidebars and be ready to tilt. Not one, not two, but three angle starting from 90 degrees.

It was thrilling and exciting. Hope for a nice weather to get a good view.
Skydeck Chicago's LEDGE - Pose Number 1
Skydeck Chicago's LEDGE - Pose Number 2

TILT! Chicago's Newest Thrill Ride - You cannot bring your won camera in Tilt! :(

WILL: If you will search the history of Chicago, they are one of the first to have skyscrapers and the best way to get a birds' eye view is to escalate your way to Ledge and Tilt! buildings. 

Willis Tower where the famous Ledge is located is 103rd storey high. There is around 4 ledge that you can queue up and take the best and most daring photo you can have. That is, if you are not afraid of heights. Haha! 

The John Hancock building where has a jaw drop attractions Illinois have. Imagine? You were tilted out of with only feeble glass to catch you or a bar to hold on to. Haha! Gosh! My sweat came out immensely when the crew started the "tilting" process haha! 

I enjoyed most is the Ledge. Why? You can gain friends while you are on queue. You help to get a group photo and someone will take yours in return. 

Both buildings are definitely recommendable.

Skydeck Chicago / LEDGE
(H) March through September from 9am-10pm / October through February from 10am-8pm
(A) 233 South Wacker Drive 103rd floor Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois 60606

TILT! Chicago's Newest Thrill Ride - 360 Chicago
(H) 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
(A) 875 N Michigan Avenue, 94th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Chicago CityPASS 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

ABBEY: Deep dish pizza is one of the things that Chicago is well known for. And it's great that we indulged on those slices from three restaurants: Lou Malnati's, Giordano's Pizzeria, and Ginos East. It's hard to compare as each has its own unique way of how it was prepared, unique flavors and taste. 

For me, Lou Malnati's butter crust is better than the "undercooked" ones from Giordano's and Ginos East. But all of them put good, fresh, and flavorful ingredients that fill the pizza to brim. 

I think the lesson here is stop comparing, just eat and enjoy.

The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago: Ginos East

The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago: Giordano's Lunch Menu

The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago: Giordano's Dining Place 
The 3 "Best" Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago: Lou Malnati's

WILL: Do you know that Chicago is famous for awesome pizzas? Their pizza are not only dough and toppings, their deep dish pizza is consisted of doughs and a basin of toppings! Haha! 

There 3 well-known brands, Ginos East, Lou Malnati's, & Giordano's. So blessed that we tasted it all (Thanks Kuya Victory and Abigail for sponsoring😋). 

My favourite? Giordano's... super yummy meat and melted cheese blended together.Their homey feeling at their branch at is superb. Great service and super clean restaurant.

While the other two? Malnatis' dough is buttery and crispy which is the distinction to the other two. And Ginos East? Nothing special that reminds of me. Sorry. 

So whenever you visited Illinois, have a taste test of the three Deep Dish Pizza and share with us your judgment.

Lou Malnati's, the Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Restaurant
(T)  1-800-Lou-To-Go (1-800-568-8646)

Giordano's: Chicago's Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza
(T) 1 312-842-1100

Ginos East | Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
(T) +1 312-988-4200

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Magnolia Bakery at Chicago

ABBEY: Magnolia Bakery is recommended to us by Nylene. It is famous for its banana pudding. Not a fan though but need to try. 

In the shop, I had Vanilla Chocolate Cake and coffee. It became our comfort since it is a rainy day and cold.  

We had banana pudding to-go and ate it at home. It is delicious; not too sweet and can immediately make you full.

Magnolia Bakery at Chicago's Banana Pudding

Magnolia Bakery at Chicago's Cake Design

Magnolia Bakery at Chicago's Vanilla Chocolate Cake

Magnolia Bakery at Chicago' World Famous Banana Pudding
WILL: Before going to a place we should gave a habit to research on what to and where to dine. In many blog and YouTube videos we have looked upon, Magnolia Bakery is always in their list. AND, it was recommended by Nyleen. Who are we not to check that out. :) 

To grab a bite before we head back home, we headed to the famous Magnolia Bakery in State Street. The lady at the counter gladly roam me around to show the cakes and pastries they are offering. I ended up buying for Vanilla Chocolate Cake and Cream Cheese Brownies (to share) and a tea. 

The cake is mmmmm! I am not into icing but this made me scrape all the icing on the side of the plate. Haha! The cake is not too sweet and blends well with the tea. 

While eating and chattering, we keep on hearing people getting a banana pudding. I am not into pudding but since we are there we decided to buy some for people at the house. 

We ate it as a desert! And hell yeah! It is addicting! I think I ate the whole big tub of those all by myself. Now you know how I acquired 5kgs in 17days in Chicago. 😝

This is a must! But be warned.. Magnolia Bakery's Banana Pudding is dangerously addictive.

Magnolia Bakery
(A) 108 N. State Street at Block 37 Chicago, IL
(H) M-Th: 7:30am-9pm / F: 7:30am-11pm / Sat: 8am-11pm / Sun: 9am-8pm
(T) 312.346.7777

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Korean Pork Bibimbap Recipe


Pork marinade:
500g pork (thin slices)
2 1/2 tbsp sugar
1/4 cup scallions (chopped)
2 tbsp minced garlic
Sesame oil
Sesame seed
Salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients and let the sugar be dissolved. Put in the pork and marinate for at least an hour. Fry and set aside.

1 medium carrot sliced into strips
200g soy bean sprouts
1/4 cup scallions
1 bunch of spinach
200g shitake mushroom (thin slices)
1 medium cucumber (thin slices)
1 tbsp chili pepper paste
3 (2 & 1 tbsp) rice vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
sesame oil
sesame seeds
pepper flakes
Salt & pepper

Fry carrots with 1 tbsp oil in a pan. Put a dash of salt then set aside. Do the same with mushroom but don't put salt.
Blanch spinach and drain it. In a bowl mix it with sesame oil and sesame seed. Set aside.
Blanch soy bean sprouts, drain and put pepper flakes, scallions, and sesame oil. Set aside.
Mix 1 tbsp of rice vinegar, salt and 1 tbsp sugar in a bowl. Put the cucumber and pepper flakes. Set aside.

Mix chili pepper paste with 2 tbsp rice vinegar, sugar, water and sesame oil.

Put a cup of rice in middle of bowl. Surround it with pork and vegetables. Top it with sunny side egg and pour the chili pepper paste mix. Enjoy.

Easy to Cook Korean Pork Bibimbap 

WILL: If you will see the YouTube subscriptions of Abbey you will see tons of cooking channels. And now you know where Abbey get those easy recipes. 

Hubby prepared Pork Bibimbap! And it outrageously yummy! And! It is healthy! 

The sweetness of the pork, the spiciness of chili paste and the distinctive taste of different vegetables will give you a flavourful blast! 

Thanks Baby! More, more dishes to come. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Best 7 HOSTELS in Singapore (Prices Included)

Because everyone is asking what hostels we can recommend.. here is our top-top and cheap (but quality) accommodation for you guys!

Enjoy your vacay here in Singapore! :)

ultimate list of the best hostels in singapore


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