Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Batam Fast Ferry (Tanah Merah - Nongsapura - Tanah Merah)

ABBEY: This is the ferry service we had when we went to Batam. We were at Tanah Merah Ferry terminal as early as 6AM for our 8AM-departure. One hour passed, Batam Fast office opened and we got our tickets. 

The ferry is clean and spacious. They even got charging ports :) We departed Singapore and arrived in Indonesia on time. 

But that is not the case homeward bound. We only got to board the ferry an hour after the supposed time of departure. We sat in the upper deck on a cafe-like setting. The engine even died few minutes after we left the port. Batam Fast became Batam “Slow”. Still a good experience and I enjoyed the ride.

Batam Fast Ferry
Tanah Merah - Nongsapura - Tanah Merah
To Turi Beach Resort

Now, for second time, we visited Tanah Merah to board Batam Fast. Yes! There are ferries in here bound to Batam. I am shocked too! I thought this port is exclusive for Bintan-goers only. It is cleaner and organized than the one in Harboufront. 

I am expecting that the Batam Fast will be having a cafe inside, but it didn't have. Anyway, it doesn't matter as our travel time doesn’t exceed for an hour. The ferry is clean. Seats are comfortably good. There are three (3) lavatory and the floor is all wet and no tissue is available for your use. 

Bound back to Singapore, from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, we seated at second floor and the seat portrays like to be in cafe. There is a table for you to dine. I am not sure if they offer food. I sleep on the entire journey. 

I am so glad that the ocean is calm and I didn't get too dizzy. Or maybe the captain is knowledgeable on his forte! 

Thanks Batam Fast! Till our next trip!

Batam Fast Ferry
(W) https://www.batamfast.com