Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Turi Beach Resort at Nongsa-Batam Indonesia Luxury Resort in Batam‎

ABBEY: We went for a quick getaway, a 45-minute ride from Singapore, to Turi Beach (Batam) with our Papa Boy. This is for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Tirta Room:
Before we can get into our room, we need to “hike” and it is good for our hearts to get pumped up :) The outside is like a kampung (bahay kubo) but with the usual amenities of hotel room inside (air conditioner, bathroom tile floor, comfy bed). It also has a veranda but the sea view is being blocked by trees. The phone was not working at first but got replaced. And we called several times for the coffee, tea and cups to be replenished. I hope they can provide it with the same number of guests in the room. Maybe the room was not used for quite sometime as I can still see dust in the head lamp, table and chair. Make sure to lock the doors as mosquitoes can enter the room. They also provide mosquito spray and lotion.

Tamang Sari
This is where we had our buffet lunch when we arrived and breakfast the next day.
200 INR per person for lunch and it was a Japanese and Chinese cuisine that day. I indulged myself with fried calamari, roasted chicken and sweet and sour fish fillets.
The breakfast is complimentary and I had sunny side up, toast, egg salad, cold cuts, congee and laksa.

We had teppanyaki for dinner at Nogusaya. I got chicken breast and the chef really showcased his art of cooking. While waiting for the main course, we were served with appetizer and soup. Cooking the food in front of you is really entertaining. The chef lit my chicken on fire :)

With a splash of soy sauce and a little chunk of butter, my chicken along with the veggies were full of flavor.

T Spa
This is where we planned our Papa to have relaxation; with a couple of spa treatments.

Our tour package includes a 45-minute full body massage but we upgraded to an hour and then we coupled it with foot reflexology. I slept for both :) 

WILL: Our goal for Papa's visit is to bore him. Haha! This is for him to take sleep as many as he can. Well, our schedule is perfect as Abbey will take care of morning galas, he will take a rest on afternoon, then on evenings I am in-charge for him to walk around the city. But what about the weekend? This is his third time in Singapore and we decided to go to one of the nearest foreign island, Batam, Indonesia. 

The staff of Turi Beach Resort took an extra mile to open up (even they are full) on our urgent booking. Their 'chat' button on their website works wonderfully as our communication was instantaneous and our booking was confirmed on that same hour. 

We bought a Fave voucher for only $99.00 2D1N each. It includes the buffet breakfast, hotel transfer, 2-way ferry, 20% discount on food and services and 45-minute massage. Great deal right? 

When we arrived at the hotel at 8, the conceirge informed us that our room will be ready at 10. We didn’t waste time waiting, we took advantage that there are not so many people at their famous boardwalk. Papa Ros took a 'lover's photo'. Haha! 

When we got to our room, we booked for 11am maasage, we topped up S$10 to be 60min whole body massage. The massage is not that good. It missed the spots of my aching back. Then, we gave another try for foot reflexology. Oh my! 3/10. I will suggest thay you go for another spa. 

We have our buffet lunch and breakfast at Tamang Sari  The food is delicious and I love their fried squid! Totally! But the choices is not that much. 

After lunch we were back to our room to catch a nap. Two hours nap and we were back on our feet to take dinner. 

For dinner, we entertained ourselves and fill up our tummy at Nogusaya. Our first time to have this kind of dining 'show'. Haha. I am thinking why we were served with a meagre amount? Omg! Haha! When the chef was serving the second plate I am already full. (Ang bigat sa tyan, shocks!)

After dinner, we enjoyed the ocean breeze, there's couch available at the shore and marvel the huge amount of water in front of us with live music at the background. People are dancing, clapping and merrymaking! What a delightful thing to see. 

After breakfast, with bare feet, we caught waves. Hehe. Papa Ros enjoyed the water zumba too! 

Eat, sleep and laugh. That is what we did at Turi Beach Resort.  

Oh! Forgot to describe our room. It has two twin bed and a veranda. I love the wooden flooring and wooden walls, so oldie! It seems dusty and not used for a long time but the sheets are clean. No unnecessary smells or feel. We ordered extra water and gave it to us without extra charge. The staffs our warm and welcoming. 

This is a trip I can't erase in my memory. Thanks Papa Ros for spending your precious time with us. :) 

Turi Beach Resort (4-star hotel)
(A) Jalan Hang Lekiu, Nongsa, Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29465, Indonesia