Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Interesting Stash We Found Only in Mustafa Centre

ABBEY: It’s very rare that we visit Mustafa as that is way too far from home. You need to plan going there. I insisted that we go there as I tasted a muruku and my colleague told me that it was from Mustafa. Then our quest began. Mustafa is full of knick-knacks and there are items that we wanted to try. So aside from the muruku, we also got the following:

1. bhakarwadi - this maybe called the Indian counterpart of Combos. I didn’t read the label thoroughly so I got mini version of the snack.

2.  A bottle of camel’s milk - this has a strong ghee-milk taste

3. Snickers chocolate drink - yes, this exists. Have you ever wonder what if the middle chocolate in the bar got liquified? Try it then you’ll know.

4. Mars protein shake - taste like my usual protein shake. Not too sweet that is overwhelming.

5. Almond milk - we mixed our almond milk to our smoothie to give it a nutty taste.

Mustafa Centre Singapore - Snickers Shake

Mustafa Centre Singapore - Camelicious Camel Milk

WILL: We roam around and got fascinated with not so familiar food around the shelves of Mustafa. We  bought some for us to taste. 

Camelicious' Camel Milk, this the most expensive milk I ever have. It costs us S$6.40 for 250mL. Abbey doesn’t like it, but I do. The richness of milk is there. It seems that I am drinking it right after extracting it out of the camel. Buttery and creamy. Yum. 

It reminds me of my childhood chocolate drink -- Magnolia Chocolate that was stored in a 1L glass. You will long for the extra sweetness but Snickers Shake won't give you that. Haha. 

Almond Milk was blended with our smoothies, it goes well with the fruits. The taste alone? A sting of almond. 

We will visit Mustafa again and that is for sure. Looking forward to see more new and exciting food. 

Mustafa Centre
(H) 24 Hours Open
(A) 145 Syed Alwi Road

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