Friday, December 29, 2017

NEW Chips, Crisps, and Snacks We Munched This 2017

ABBEY: From time to time we also try new chips while watching TV series. Here are some of them:

This has the texture of popcorn but in a form or triangular chip. Taste like popcorn but your mind will be confused with the appearance. We tried their cheesy Jalapeño and it was good.

If you’re looking for sour-cream or salt flavor chips aside from Ruffles and Lays, this is a good alternative. The chips are thin as the name implies. Easy to chew and has the burnt taste.

Bluebird Sea Salt
Cold Storage is the only grocery we see that this is being sold. It is nice to go back to the basics of potato chips. Slices of potato with salt. Good partner with soda.

Way Better Snack
These tortilla chips might be way better compared to others because of their flavors. We tried their sweet chilli flavor and simply spicy sriracha. Those are new flavors for our taste buds and definitely buy them again.

Rgies Iloilo
This sweet treat is from one of the provinces of the Philippines, Iloilo. These are butterscotch squares which have brownies texture. They come in varieties like with almonds, coffee, cashew, dates, mango bits and chocooats but I like the mango bits most.

Delisio Bluebird Sea Salt Cooked with Sunflower Oil 


Way Better Snacks 

Thins - Snack Brands Australia 

Rgies Butterscotch Square:

WILL: My love for chips is fading as there only few varieties available at ShengShiong store and they cost tons of money. Anyways that is better for our health and pocket. Haha.

But Abbey jolted back my affair with chips when he always bring something new from FairPrice Changi Business Park branch or other stores.

Thins: This became one in my fave list. Even it is so thin (as it was named) the flavour was packed in every chip. My favorite is their sour cream and chives. Yup! It is like you dipped it in the real thing.

Bluebird Delisio Sea Salt: Can you imagine, a simple salt can make your taste buds celebrate a feast? Simplicity is the best thing the can offer. This is only available at Cold Storage and always out of stock.

Popcorners: He knew that I love popcorn, he surprised me with a bag of this chips. Creative! Popcorn turned into a flat crispy chips! Clap! Clap! Clap! The taste reminds me of my childhood. Remember the cheap popcorn at your local store? Yes! This is the taste. But of course more crunchy.

Way Better's Simply So Sweet Chili: Yes! It bites! Haha. The sting of spiciness is there and the "healthy" feeling will justify your guilt haha. The chips has this grainy texture to support that claim. Classic! 

Rgies Butterscotch Square: Beware! This is addictive! haha! Thanks Kuya Dexter and Ate Cai for this delicacy from your hometown. Not too sweet and chewy. You will crave for more. My fave is the mango bits and original. 

RGies Delicacies
(A) Kamantigue Street, Gran Plains Subdivision Jaro, Jaro, Iloilo City, 5000 Iloilo, Philippines
(T) +63 33 329 5606

FairPice Finest
(A) Changi City Point #B1-08/09/10/11 
(T) 6444 1472 

Cold Storage
(A) 1 Sengkang Square #B1-25, Compass One Shopping Centre
(T) 6344 1661 

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