Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nihon Mura Express - Rivervale Mall Branch

ABBEY: We went to Rivervale Mall to have dinner on another restaurant but got enticed by Nihon Mura Express.

They have a promo "Eat More, Save More" from Jan 9-Feb 28, 2017.
40 plates & above - $1/plate
30 – 39 plates - $1.20/plate
20 – 29 plates - $1.40/plate

We can only go up to 20. That will satisfy our hunger for some wasabi and sushi.

1. Huge variety of sushi.
2. You can order sushi besides in the conveyor and it will be delivered fast. Just make sure to confirm your order.
3. They also have other appetizers like chicken (yakitori or fried).
4. Food is fresh and delicious.

1. Wasabi is not that hot/spicy. And it is dry compared to other sushi shops we visited.
2. Green tea is not unlimited. 2 packs per serving and will be counted to the number of your plate.
3. Sushi serving or size is small. I can see that evident on my favorite inari.

Nihon Mura Express
Side Order Menu

Nihon Mura Express
This is the only shot we have on our order.
We are busy enjoying the food.. Sorry ;p

Nihon Mura Express
Maki Menu

Nihon Mura Express
Handroll Menu

Nihon Mura Express
Gunkan Menu

Nihon Mura Express Promotion

WILL:  We are at Rivervale Mall for an Italian cuisine fix but we saw Nihon Mura and its promotion, I looked at Abbey and informed him that I'm missing the exquisite taste of wasabi. In that instant, Abbey pulled me in to Nihon Mura. :) 

The selection at the conveyor belt is not as good with Sushi Express BUT! ---a big BUT! There is an iPad just beside your table for you to order some nice plates well prepared sushi, sashimi, handroll, its famous Slipper Lobster Mentai, and crispy bite size fried chicken. You cannot find those in any other restaurant with the same price with Nihon Mura. All of those, all in the menu, all food on the conveyor belt only costs S$1.60. Three plates of chicken + 2 plates of handroll will make you full. The price is worth it! 

Now, we have a different sushi restaurant to dine to. :) Thanks Nihon Mura for making us full without going bankrupt! Haha!

Nihon Mura Express
(A) 11 Rivervale Cres, #02-10 Rivervale Mall (Sengkang)