Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ina Spa (In front of BHG Bugis)

ABBEY: I thought this was one of our usual massage session but I was wrong. Ina Spa is one of the shops at the busy place of Bugis. We made a reservation at 6:30PM. Unfortunately, we were half an hour early and we were asked to pass some time first as there is no available masseurs yet. We came back at exactly the appointed time but was told if we can have it the earliest at 9PM which really set my mad mood on. Sensing that we will not give in for any other day or a very late time, we got a slot at 8. 

Just want to finish the long day, I sat down on the massage chair. The masseur washed my feet. The session includes a back massage as well. My tensed muscles started to loosen. Few minutes later, I was relaxed. And when the foot massage began, it was all worth the wait. 

Fang Fang made my feet numb. Haha. I can't feel them after the session. I feel like like I'm floating. This is recommended. I hope they can have more masseur so they can accommodate more customers. 

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Ina Spa's Cozy Seat

WILL: Didn't we deserve a foot massage after a 10km marathon of Standard Chartered? Actually even if we don't ran on that tracks, I am still targeting to have it. Its been a while since our last foot reflex session. Haha. 

I am searching on Vaniday for a deal but nothing beats Groupon in offering this kind of services in massive discounts. So, still, I went for Groupon and found this newly opened spa just in front of Bugis BHG. We got a 60-minute foot reflex + 10-minute back massage (S$22.00). 

My masseur assigned to me is pretty aggressive,  the more I crouch while she is kneading my shoulders, the more she is in total offence to get rid of my tight muscles. Haha. Oh! She is doing that while my feet was soaked on a lukewarm water. 

She dried up my feet and started for the foot massage. I want to scream whenever she hit a point that is quite painful. She concentrated more on my legs and not on my foot (I am wondering why). 

Oh, please make sure to be there on time, not too early because they do not have a waiting room for you to occupy and not that late because the other sessions next to you was affected too. 

Will I be back again for another massage in Ina Spa? Yessss! But I will be requesting for Fang-Fang. :) 

Thanks Groupon and Ina Spa!

Ina Spa 
(A) 247 Victoria Street #02-00 (Bugis) 
(H) Weekdays: 11.00 am - 9.00 pm / Weekends & Public Holidays: 10.00 am - 7.00 pm