Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wildfire Burgers + Bar Singapore - 313@Somerset

ABBEY: We visited Wildfire Burger at 313 Somerset near Marché. 

The house is almost full. I got The Works burger; beef patty, bacon weave, onion rings, and fried egg. It also came with fries. The fries has smoky flavour which give the unique taste. What I enjoyed the most is the beef patty. It was so moist that the juices is coming out whenever I cut it into chewy bites. 

We only pay 34SGD as we have 20SGD voucher from the mall.

Wildfire Burgers Menu
Wildfire Burgers Menu
Wildfire's 'Truffle Mushroom'
Wildfire's 'Truffle Mushroom'
Wildfire Singapore  'The Works'
Wildfire's 'The Works'
WILL: We got a $20 voucher, free, when we avail the package of Symphony Spa. And just before it expires, we went to 313@Somerset to redeem it. We chose to dine at Wildfire Burger.

We didn't call for reservations and we are quite shocked that the tables were reserved. Just in luck, we got seat to take. Ahmm, should I say high seat...high chair and high table, haha! 

Abbey chose burger for me, and he picked truffled mushroom ($23). Burgers arrived and we were so happy to see the juices flowing out of the meat while we are slicing it. 

The taste is awesome! This is not your ordinary hamburger place. Aside for awesome food they got impressive people too. They will asked you how do you do for the day, is everything ok with your meal, do you enjoy your food. Yes! They care!

Thanks for a total experience people at Wildfire! Totally recommended for a date night.

Wildfire Burgers + Bar Singapore
(A) 313@Somerset#01-28, 313 Orchard Road