Tuesday, August 16, 2016

dnata Lounge (Singapore Changi Terminal 3)

ABBEY: We used our annual Priority Pass to access airport lounges for free. This time, we went to dnata Terminal 3 lounge. 

They were serving breakfast when we visited and this includes congee, croissant, brown and white bread, red bean bun, chicken siew mai, cornflakes, coffee and tea. They also have softdrinks, wine, beer, and ale. 

I indulged in their siew mai dipped in soy sauce. Wow. They also have a shower and reading rooms. On further back of the lounge, you can see the planes....

dnata Lobby
Comfortable Sofa 
Food Aisle

WILL: DNATA Lounge at Changi Terminal 3 won the Best Indepent Airport Lounge 2015 award and of course it makes me curious to check it out. 

We were greeted by an all-smile staff in their lobby. And as we enter the place we were welcomed by the food served in the middle of the area. They are serving breakfast that time and I am astounded that they have siew mai. Yes, I indulged in that food, then I tried their bread. Washed off it by tea. 

I enjoyed eating there while watching tv that plays Just For Laughs. Sofas are pretty comfy and the place itself is quiet and on that, you can have your own peace before your flight. Ooh! You can take a shower in there too! 

Thanks DNATA for accommodating and filling our tummy for few hours before our flight.

Dnata Lounge
(A) Level 3 Transit, Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport, 65 Airport Blvd
(H) 24 hours