Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SriLankan Airlines (Singapore - Male/Maldives - Singapore)

ABBEY: SriLankan Airlines was our airline going to Maldives and back. The route was from Singapore to Colombo, Sri Lanka to Male, Maldives. 

We were able to board a couple of different aircraft model during our round trip. The staffs were all-smiles, greeting and assisting passengers as they board. The meal is good; enough to satisfy my hunger. I was even surprised that the chicken satay are still in the skewers. They have movie on board, but we have a couple of our flights where the monitor is not working. 

They have cameras below and behind the plane and on that you can watch the plane take off, and check what's below while up in the air. It was a first for me. 

One thing I keep wondering is that why they are spraying some kind of anti-bacterial or deodorizer when we landed to Sri Lanka and Maldives. It is an aerosol and I think they empty 2 cans each per aisle. What's the use of that? Good thing me and Wilma don't have asthma. 

Anyways, thanks SriLankan Airlines for flying us.

SriLankan Airlines On Board Flight Menu Blog Review

SriLankan Airlines On Board Food Blog Review
Chicken Rendang 
SriLankan Airlines On Board Food Blog Review
Plain Omelette with Mushroom Toppings
SriLankan Airlines Blog Review
SriLankan Airlines On Board Blog Review
SriLankan Airline Wings
WILL: I am always excited to board planes that are flag carriers of different countries. From Philippine Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines.. I am ecstatic and thrilled how they are engaging with their passengers. Now, on our Maldives Anniversary Celebration we tried Sri Lankan Airline. 

We were greeted warmly by the crews of. The movies in the plane are superb, but I do not enjoy their breakfast meal (omelette) but they take pride in their Ceylon tea. 

On our flight from Colombo to Male, I fell in love with their huge plane. Of course, the seats are more comfortable and it seems new. The meal is superb. I ate it all but passed on dessert.

On our way home. From Male to Colombo my monitor was spoiled and it seems that it is a just usual thing for them. I never heard any apologies from them nor any gestures of regret for that case. Since I am sleepy, after I ate my chicken meal, I snooze immediately and forget about the monitor. 

Then, the same plane we boarded going to Singapore. We mistakenly sat at 9E & 9F. I am shocked that the window seat has no armrest (right side). Then, someone called our attention and told us that it is his place, we got up and inquired the attendants what is our real seat since our ticket indicated is 9. Upon checking, we should be at 19. Whew! Bye faulty chair. 

On row 19, Abbey is lucky to have a monitor that is defected. We immediately called the attendants attention and again, she informed us to press the power button for 20seconds. Again, we have done it for many times but to no avail. The attendant never got back to us to check if we already get what we want. For us not to wreck up our happy mood, we passed this issue again. And decided to sleep instead. 

Now, I know that not all flag carriers are same as the others. I will take note of this problem we encountered with this airline. I always remember.

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