Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Singapore Night Festival 2016

ABBEY: We went out and see what the 9th year of Singapore Night Festival has to offer. 

We got to see the stickmen dancing, playing and jumping in the facade of National Museum. They are artwork from France called Keyframes. Another show is the Wheel House (on museum's mainground). It is an acrobatic show on a big wheel. Maybe it would be better if there's a spotlight and louder sound for the performance. While the other spectators were busy where to go next I went back to where the Keyframe was installed and I was able to see Les AquamenS. They are men-in-black with upside down bowl aquarium as helmets.  Yes, an upsidedown aquarium; meaning with water and fish. 

Unfortunately, there were no more seats for the The Story Box show and the next performance will be too late. So we headed to Philatelic Museum where the songs from Shakespeare's works were played. I looked forward for The Siege: A light saber sword fight. But to my disappointment, they used the street rather than the stage. I understand the safety factor but a lot of people could have enjoyed it if they can see it better. Only the frontliners see it clearly and knew what has happened. :(

I hope this can be looked at. Setup stages with proper lightings and sounds.

Lego Wall for 10th Anniversary of Singapore Night Festival

Singapore FlashForward

WILL: 9th year!!! Congrats to Bras Basah Bugis precinct on this glamorous and widely known event in Singapore!  

For this year, it was packed by performers with different genres to offer the public. If you are a youth who loves to listen to local artists, your ideal place will be the the vacant lot in front of SMU school. 

Out of this world roving performer like Aquamen was at the grounds of National Museum. As usual there is a street party at Armenian Street. We were astounded to see that there live performance at Philatelic Museum. When I heard Cappella Martialis play their respective instruments, I would love to just sleep right there and then. 

As usual, it is a feast! It is a merrymaking! I wonder now who will be the performers next year. Can't wait for their surprises. 

Oh! Please do take note that museums are open for public for free when the Night Festival commenced. One more thing, make a contribution for wall of Lego :) 

Singapore Night Festival
(A) Bras Basah Bugis Precinct