Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jason Bourne (2016)

ABBEY: I liked Jason Bourne movies. 

I don't know if there exist a human who have such kind of talent who know who are the enemies in his environment. But that makes him unique. After all those years and his skill, he was not able to decipher who he really is. Poor fellow. 

I got dizzy on the action scenes at the beginning. Wow, the cameras move fast, very fast. 

Disguises, wittiness, cleverness were used by Jason to reach the top floor and meet the villain who wants him down. You can guess how it ends. I think this will be the last. One more and it will be a drag.

Shaw Theatres Waterway Point Ticket
WILL: I am fan of Jason Bourne or should I say Matt Damon, or Jason Bourne or Matt Damon. Haha. 

So Bourne came back into the silverscreen. In this movie, he now somewhat knew about his dad and why/what joined the project. 

A total action! Worthy of my time! See you again Jason! I know you have more surprises up on your sleeves to finish this sequel.