Friday, September 2, 2016

Encik Tan @ Waterway Point Punggol

ABBEY: One time after buying grocery items from Fairprice (Waterway Point), we passed buy Encik Tan and saw long queue. This is the same scenario even by the day we tried to order. 

We brought home chicken leg/cutlet curry rice. Those are their special items. The gravy is spicy, creamy, and delicious. It really went well with the rice and fried chicken. However it seems that the serving for dine in is more than the take-away. Meaning, we have to come back there :) 

They also serve noodles, hot and cold drinks.

Encik Tan's Chicken Drumstick Set
Encik Tan's Chicken Drumstick Set
Encik Tan's Menu
Encik Tan's Menu
WILL: Why there is always a long queue? I glanced at the menu and surprisingly the value is reasonable. Then I told Abbey to try the food in there. 

One night, when we are running out of time for us to cook, I pulled Abbey to this restaurant and instructed him to queue while I am giving an eye on our grocery carts. Few minutes later, he is on the cashier ordering and paying our meal, it is for tapao. 

We were shocked to see that the rice is so less than to meals that was eaten at the restaurant. But when we tasted the curry sauce! OMG! Now I know why there is a lot people in line just to eat this food. The curry is spicy, thick. :) Chicken is still crunchy! My tastebuds is dancing because of the flavours. :) 


Encik Tan, Waterway Point 
83 Punggol Central #B2-03