Tuesday, August 2, 2016

THREE by Table Concepts @ Seletar Mall

ABBEY: I'm trying to look where can I date my baby when I come across Three by Table Concepts at Seletar Mall. As the name implies, there are three cuisines: Japanese, French and Thai. 

I ordered their chef-recommended Thai Basil Pork Rice; a rice entry with minced pork in sweet thick soy sauce, chopped red chillis, and basil. It was a delight and delicious. 

I can eat this whole day. Minced pork in sauce with newly cooked white rice is the treat. Next time, we'll try the French and Japanese cuisines.

Basil Pork Rice

Chicken Curry Rice

Thai Menu

WILL: Abbey asked where we'll dine after my dentist visit at Q&M.. My answer is so simple "surprise me". Then he guided me to Three by Table Concepts. 

It is a restaurant composed of 2 diners in it. The cuisines you can choose from are French, Japanese and Thai. We went for Thai. I am bit hesitant to go for Chicken Curry Rice, but I still ordered it.

Wow. The taste is magnificent. It even beats my top 1 Green Chicken Curry. Haha. It is sweet, spicy and a little bit salty. Hayy! This is the main reason why I cannot hit again my target weight. Hehe. 

For those of you who happens to visit Sengkang, try this restaurant. Too many choices to choose from. :)

THREE by Table Concepts @ Seletar Mall
(A) 33 Sengkang West Avenue #03-37
(H) 11am - 10pm