Monday, October 12, 2015

EPIKebabs - Meaty, Juciy, Epic (Tampines)

ABBEY: After dining out, we went to EPIKebabs for take aways. For 6SGD, I got a roll of mixed chicken and beef. It has chilli sauce and mayo. Maybe the shredded meats that I have in my roll are the ones closest to the heat as they were crunchy which gives added texture after every bite. It was good. It is as if I'm eating crispy chicken and beef :) They also put their shredded delights on sandwiches and rice. The branch we visited is on Century Square Mall Level 1.

WILL: When we are on our way for dinner to Sylog, we saw this stall just outside the Century Square mall. I am craving for shawarma for months already but I am very lazy to go to Clarke Quay to buy some. So when I saw this stall, I immediately asked Abbey to buy a pair for our midnight snack. 

Well, because of excitement to satisfy my cravings that was delayed long time, upon reaching our house, we ate it immediately. :)

Bite after bite EPIKebabs proved that their tagline is for real. It is meaty, juicy, epic and yummy. Now I do not need to head down to Clarke Quay for an expensive shawarma, I just need to make a stop here in EPIKebabs! :)