Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shangri-La Hotel The Line - International Dinner Buffet

ABBEY: We already experienced their buffet breakfast here at The Line at Shangri La Hotel and now dinner for Rejoice's Appreciation Night. Ladies wore pink and gents black. We were hungry and immediately grab a plate and went to the buffet. 
First plate is Indian cuisine (chicken tandoor, garlic naan, briyani rice) because that's the nearest to our seats. This gave us time to chat with colleagues when we got our plates filled up.
Next are chicken and beef satay with peanut sauce and prata. Then we headed for some pork siopao and dimsums. I only got a couple of them as they contain shrimp.
The roasted beef caught my attention and I asked the chef to give me a rib. It is tender and delicious. The juice ran between my fingers. I'm eating like a king :)
The last couple of plates really sealed the deal. Sushi roll with tuna; topped with salmon and then torched. Wow. Delightful. The soy sauce is sweet but it would be better if the wasabi can be a little more spicy. I put a lot on the dip but not that spicy. For 87 pax, the tab went up to more than 3300SGD including wines.

WILL: This is Rejoice Container Services Pte Limited Appreciation Night! Wooooohooooo! I am always waiting for it, because I want my husband to meet my colleagues. In office we are full of laughters, so imagine when we go out and have a full packed dinner? Merrier!!!

This year we went to The Line of Shangri-la Plaza Hotel. As you may know, we already went here but that was for breakfast buffet, now for dinner. 

Their roast beef is amazing! Tender and juicy. The salmon never runs out of queue. There is a free selection for dimsums, but I love their siewmai and its dip. Ice cream has it varieties, ohh there is a durian flavor. Froyo is present. Macarons, I ate plateful of that for dessert. To help me digest it all, they have a stall that serves the coffee and tea for the night. Ms Ivy capped our night off with some wine. 

I love every Rejoice's Appreciation Night. Thanks again Boss. Till next year :)