Sunday, October 11, 2015

SYLOG - Singapore - Food Stand, Filipino Restaurant

ABBEY: Tapsilog (TApa (cured beef) + SInangag (fried rice) + itLOG (fried egg)) is of the favorite breakfast of Filipinos. So aside from tapa, it evolved. A lot of "silogs" were born. Tosilog (tocino- sweet cured pork), chiksilog (fried chicken), spamsilog (Spam luncheon meat), and many more. 

And it is a good news when I learned that it is here in Singapore. Sylog offers the breakfast treat all day long. It is located at Food Junction of Century Square Mall at Tampines. I got Tosilog for 6.50SGD. It comes with soup, lots of dipping sauce (spicy vinegar/soy sauce, lime, Mang Tomas) and slices of cucumber and tomatoes. The rice has a garlic-rich taste which I really enjoyed together with the cured pork and egg. The sour soup washed it all and dinner is finished in no time.

WILL: This is one of diners on Abbey's list. After our Investor's First Open Forum we headed to Century Square's Food Junction to look for Sylog. We found its stall and ordered their famous LiempoSylog.

Their soup and mouth-watering garlic rice complements well with the fried pork (liempo) that is well submerged on their vinegar.

I will positively recommend their food! C'mon mga kababayan! Go visit them when you are at Tampines area.