Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NOM - Bistro & Bakery

ABBEY: I first saw the rainbow cake on 9GAG. I thought of doing that but got no time to do it. Doing that is a feat as it will take time to bake seven different colors of cake and then layer them. Grace wanted to have a piece of that cake and planned to have it at NOM (No Other Meaning) Bistro. It is at Macpherson Community Club. The restaurant offers burgers, pasta, pizza, coffees, teas, mocktails and cakes. 

For 14.9SGD I had the Ultimate NOM burger (juicy beef patty, slice of tomato, lettuce and sunny side up egg in between buns with NOM's name on it). The burger came with serving of fries. Great dinner catching up with friends.

WILL: We got an invitation from Abbey's colleague to go to Macpherson to checkout one of the most talked about cafe due to their rainbow cakes. We did not turn down this opportunity for us to taste that cake and to catch-up with friends.

We came late, sorry, and our ordered is already on the table waiting for us. Do not worry, it didn't get cold. I went for its Earth Burger. Oh my gosh! I do not know what they put on portobello mushroom that it tastes like beef. Hmmm. Well I enjoyed every bite of it and most specially the cake.

Their rainbow cake have so many flavors but I went for Salted Caramel. It is not that sweet and it does not need to be flushed down by a coffee or tea. 

Nice and peaceful ambiance and their staffs are ever attentive and friendly! Check this out guys, click here for their menu. :)