Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chili's Singapore 4th Annual Big Mouth Burger Day

ABBEY: This is the third time we joined Chili's Burger Day. And again the burgers are priced at 8.88. We've learned our lessons on the first two that we attended. We went there early and we were given a table a couple of minutes on the queue. 

Upon sitting, we placed our order as we anticipated that it will take time for preparation. We were wrong; few minutes after ordering, our food came. We were surprised as they delivered the burgers fast but we were more surprised that the burgers is not that freshly-made anymore; as if that they were prepared beforehand. Good thing is that the burger still tasted good and the fries somehow compensated our disappointment. 

Looking forward for the next Burger Day and hoping that they look into more customer satisfaction and more branches to hold the event.

WILL: Every 5th month of each year I am always keeping an eye for Chili's Big Mouth Burger Day. It was held every June. Why I love to participate in it? Except for the big discounted price of $8.88 (UP $25++) this event is a feast. A very lively day. You can see people queuing and enjoying their meal. 

Again, for the second time, we redeemed our burger at Chili's Sentosa. I ordered the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger and for not more than 15 minutes our burgers were already on our table. Chat and I availed the 1-for-1 margarita for our drinks.

Sighhhh. The burger was served cold. The meat oozing with its own juice was all dry. Maybe they cooked the patties before that hour to prevent a long waiting time. The margarita served to my friend have a small moth. We asked the attendant about it and maybe that was the  branch manager who looked again on my friend's glass and she nodded for a replacement.

Anyway, we will still wait for this yearly event. A very lively and tummy fulfilling day. Hoping to have my medium rare beef that time.