Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BBQ Chicken Singapore - Best of the Best Quality

ABBEY: First of all, I stand corrected, it's not barbecue chicken, it is BBQ Chicken (Best of the Best Quality). All fried chicken are cooked in olive oil. We won 100 sgd voucher and we shared half of the winnnings to our Nanay and Tatay and the other half for us :).
We visited their branch at Tiong Bahru Plaza. 

On the first visit we ordered the Olive+Grilled family combo. It comprises of 7 pieces of chicken (olive luxury, korean traditional charbroiled chicken, Jamaican Jerk Spice BBQ and Hot Hot drum), a set of cheezy fries and coleslaw, and 4 drinks. I took the challenge of having Hot Hot Drum. It has 2 chillis on their menu. And definitely the drumsticks are hot. I managed the spiciness though with the help of my soda. We also topped up with olive rice. It was delicious and tasty.

The next visit is on the same branch and we "take away" the order. We got BBQ wings, Teri Soya wings, Paris chicken, oriental honey chilli chicken and Hot Hot drums again. It was "poultry" picnic :) we enjoyed the savory and delicious chicken. I liked Teri Soya and Hot Hot drums the most.

WILL: Korean wave hit the whole world. Well not just for their blockbuster dramas but they also slammed their neighbouring countries with their fantastic flavored chickens. 

BBQ Chicken run up to the lines of food chains who offers different varieties of chix. My blessed husband won a $100.00 voucher. To share the blessing, we asked our parents' housemate to go with us for a Fathers' Day Celebration. We dined in at Tiong Bahru Plaza branch. We redeemed the first $50 and the second was just used after 2 weeks.

I bet for Hot Hot Drum flavour you will need some extra air and water. Haha. I love it. Next flavour I like is Paris Chicken. Love love love! Hey, they are using olive oil so guilt free on their fried chickens, fries and rice. 

Oh, I forgot, the Korean Pop Group 2NE1 promotes this food chain. If you are a fan, do check this out.