Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Spring Oasis – First-Class Health and Wellness Medical Spa

ABBEY: Once in while you have to give yourself a treat. For me and Wilma, we used to give ourselves a massage. We looked into online deals and we found an hour of body massage for 45sgd at Spring Oasis. It was on the 13th floor of The Forum at Orchard. 

Please take note that this is not your regular spa clinic. No music, no perfume oils or candles. The place is white well-lit just like a medical clinic. I was asked to change clothes and lay down. Then the massage began. The therapist focused on my back and I slept in no time. I just woke up when I felt I'm being tapped. 

It was good; I felt rejuvenated and my back muscles was relieved of stress. They got relaxed. 

WILL: If you saw some of our posts last June in our blogs you will saw a gray bandage on my left hand. I was sprained and it hurts every time that part hit by a cool breeze. My body screamed for kneading but due to tight schedule, we only booked for it on 24th of July.

We were immediately served when we got at their place. I was asked to take off my clothes, hmmm.. no shower? I lay on my stomach. The masseuse asked me what part of my body is really painful. I raised my left hand and she started the massage from my neck down, to left arm down to my left wrist. While doing it, she explaied how painful it would be but she promised that after that session I will be relieved.

She lightly touched my whole back and ask if there is part that is in pain, I replied I do not have. She told that my muscles at the lower back were so stiff, then she pressed them using her elbow. I breathed heavily to relax screaming pressed muscle at the back. With her elbow she massage my buttocks. I think for a long 10 minutes she is there, reaching every veins of it. (after that session the numbness in my butt that I feel every day due to long day of sitting was gone).

She reached to my legs and on my tears now is on the verge of falling out from my eyes. It is really painful every time her elbow reached a muscle that I think I never knew existed in my body! And I also thought that maybe I have no more energy to walk myself home.

The session was finished minutes after an hour. I get up and I felt so light. Rejuvenated. Renewed!

They tell us the truth! They are not a spa, they are MEDISPA.

Very good experience! Very Recommendable!  You can reach them at 583 Orchard Road #13-01 Forum Tel: 67334108