Friday, July 18, 2014

Stewords Riverboat - Marina South Pier

ABBEY: It's better late than never :) Due to miscommunication Stewords Riverboat restaurant still gave us the discounted price of their baby back ribs for 15sgd only. We went there two days after their festive 15th year anniversary.

We were warmly welcomed by their staff and led us to our table which is directly opposite of the one we had on our first visit. We were given the menu and reminded that for us the price would still be 15. Two orders of baby back ribs please, tea, and unlimited soda :)

A couple of minutes later, the drinks arrived, then the large plates of pork delight. It comes with fries and house salad. It was so delicious. So soft that the pork is peeling from the bone almost instantly. The sauce is not too spicy nor too sweet. I think I sipped up to four glasses of Coke :) 'Twas a good, romantic dinner.

WILL: Looking for a place to impress your date? A place that you can look over the horizon while the sunshine gave way to a romantic darkness of sky, a place where you can be pacified by waves of the sea while eating a dinner.. do not look any further, its just a bus (bus no. 402 or 400) away from the business district of Singapore. Last thursday, 17/7, we say hello again to Stewords Riverboat.

It's their 15th year anniversary and this time we are there to checkout their baby back ribs. Again, thanks to Daryl,  for extending the discounted price for us. 

I felt the warm welcome of the people of this restaurants. Showed us our seat and immediate ordered for the meat we are longing for almost a week. 

They served their $15($22++ U.P.) baby back ribs with salad and french fries. I do not know what is tge dressing they topped at the salad but its seems so special, the fries is extra crispy. The moment of truth (shocks drooling again just thinking of it, haha!), no effort at all when slicing the meat to get off from the bones. The meat is so tender and juicy. The sauce is so perfect that compliments well to the meat.

Thanks Stewords Riverboat. This is very recommendable. We will see you again for sure :)