Friday, July 11, 2014

NamNam Noodle Bar Singapore - Suntec City Branch

ABBEY: I used to bring Wilma breakfast items from Vietnamese restaurant NamNam Noodle Bar but I haven't tasted them. I just knew they taste good. I was not wrong.

One afternoon we had snack on their branch at Suntec City mall. For less than 30sgd, we had a bowl of noodle (pho), two 6-inch sandwich (bahn mi) and drinks. 

I ordered sautéed lemongrass pork and cream cheese bahn mi and pho pork balls. The bahn mi is fresh  delicious and flavorful with the herbs used. The rice noodles' hot broth is "comforting" with its rich flavor. It is a bit spicy but I managed to finish it. The pork balls taste good as well. The condiment like the fish sauce and the herbs really bring out the unique taste on the food.

WILL: "You put my love on top, top, top." Every time Abbey surprised me of anything I always want to go to the highest point of the building where I am in just to sing the Beyonce's Love On Top. Haha.. 

I think NamNam is one of the food in his Love list for me, why? He always bring me breakfast from this store. So one Saturday afternoon before he heads to the office, we went here for lunch.

Their branch at Suntec City is spacious but as usual like their Raffles City branch there's always a long queue. We seated and from their big white screen that showed Vietnamese street foods gave me the urge to come back to Ho Chi Minh. 

I ordered Chicken Meat Balls and a Pho Pork Balls for me and Abbey to share. My chicken meatball baguette is so delicious, spicy, sweet, and yummy. Their noodle soup do not need any condiments to be added. The taste is perfect! 

They have a very big serving enough for my tummy to burst but my tastebuds really love the taste so half of my bread was wrapped for take-away. They do not have service charge unlike others but if you want to tapao your food, you will add a $0.50 for it.

Till next time NamNam. Very recommendable.