Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall - 19 & 20 July 2014 Open House

ABBEY: After four years, Victoria theatre opened its doors again to the public. We attended the open house last July 19. 

The way how the old pieces and new structure was integrated gave a good impression to the visitors. Pieces of the back of the chairs were used to build a new artwork, the Rubik's cube. The old timbers were used in the walls of the theatre. 

Our ears heard good music that gave us shivers when the Philharmonic Youth Wind orchestra played Circus of Venice as well as Carpenters medley. The richness of Chinese culture was shown on the dance numbers of Dance Ensemble Singapore. 

I hope I'll be able to watch plays here in the future.

WILL: Lay the red carpet!!! Oldest and prestigious Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is now open! After a massive and meticulous renovation, she welcomes her visitors both local and tourists for a free shows and guided tours. Are you also there to take part of tomorrow's history?

We arrived for almost 5pm and immediately queue for Philharmonic Youth Wind. Abbey and I are so blessed to be sated on the 2nd floor, first row of the concert hall. When the kids started to play, goosebumps all over! The serene and very pacifying music came out from their wind instruments. The crowd cannot get enough and requested for a song. A roar of clapping hands is the way we say thank you and good job musicians. :) 

We ran to get inside the Theatre. Oh, now I wish that I am downstairs and more nearer to the dancing kids. Gracefully they interpret the song and made us really happy. 

The whole building is so great, magnificent. So white..so pure. Thanks VCH. Can't wait for plays and concerts to be held in your place.