Friday, July 4, 2014

Crosta Pizza Delivery - Authentic Wood Fired Pizza

ABBEY: No second thought in a buying 1 pair of pizza after Costa Pizza confirmed that we can avail of their one-for-one promotion. 

We got Fano (4 cheese), Verona (folded pizza), Lucca (meat lovers), and Rome (BBQ chicken). I like the most is Lucca; pizza topped with pepperoni, ham, salami, and marinated beef aling with mozarella. Very classic indeed. Fano has a moldy taste due to blue cheese. Sorry but I'm not a fan. It is as if my pizza is spoiled. 

All pizzas were cooked in wood fire so the aroma is more appetizing and good. All four pizza cost less than 50sgd.

WILL: What? You miss the aroma of bread baked in a wood-fired oven but you are too lazy to leave your beloved bed? Well, I have a very good answer on that problem, dial 629-555-05.

Crosta Pizza announced their buy one take one promotion in their fFacebook page, but I can't see the end date on that offer. When my in-laws visited us here, I sent them a private message and asked if that promo is still valid. They said it is over, but for unforseen reason or its such a blessing, they still allowed us to grab that BOGO. 

We ordered Rome(B.b.q. Chicken), Verona(Folded Pizza), Lucca(Meat Lovers), and Fano(4 Cheese) for dinner. When I opened the box, the aroma escaped gladly and enticed me to finish all 4 pizzas. Haha. They served thin crust but do not be fooled. Beware! 4 slices, I felt so full already! Haha. I love the most is their 4 cheese. 

Call their hotline and check their page for more upcoming promos.

Thanks Crosta Pizza for the great promotion :) next time I will try your gnocchi