Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Camping Trip At East Coast Park

ABBEY: I'm glad we fulfilled our plan to spend the night in East Coast Park. This camping is long due. It always rain when we plan it. But last October 26 the weather is perfect. Ford applied for the permit and then we had a go.

Wilma was the advance party to ECP along with Ford, Nette and April. Yes, they set up the tent. I didn't lay my hands on those as I'm having office works. I came there past midnight after our firm's year-end celebration. The tent is cozy and for 6-foot tall man I can say I had a good stretch. The sound of water sways you through slumberland. It's great no bugs or any crawling creatures went inside. We had a good night sleep and woke up refreshed. We had a few snaps on the scenery and head to Jollibee for breakfast.

WILL: This is one of the "must-do" for our year 2013, and I am so lucky to have Abbey and officemates so supportive of me to attain this. 

GeeFord really a loving officemate, he lend us their tents, guide as where to put it up and also helped us assemble it. Even strong wind cannot stop us on this plan. Since Abbey will be there after their party, three of us girls spend the night talking about anything under the sun. My hubby reached the place around 1230am and I am already sleeping that time. So I just welcomed him to our tent.

It is so relaxing to hear the soft sound of waves splashing gently on the shore. It really soothes my brain. Honk of vessels afar sometimes made my eyes pop-open.

Some pointers: bring a lot of water, tissue, alcohol and if you have time bring some cook food. Since were near at seafood restau and Ate Monnette is allergic of those, we just ordered our dinner at McCafe.

Dear users of East Coast Park's washroom,  please use it with love. The washroom is too dirty and I just found out that the caretaker cleans it once. I hope that National Park Board will look on to that.