Monday, June 3, 2013

Ramen Ten Restaurant - Singapore's First & Most Popular Halal Japanese Restaurant

ABBEY: I began to like sushi when Wilma told me to try it. We had a couple of visits on sushi bars but this is the first time on Ramen Ten . The diner is located at Level 1 of Far East Plaza in Scotts Road. This was an online group discount promo which costs $17.90. The promo consists of a bowl of ramen, a choice of your drink, and buffet of sushi (white plates only). We didn't expect the bowl of ramen that big. I almost not able to finish it. Actual price is not more $10 each bowl. I ate a lot of inari, and egg sushi as I was allergic to prawn. Its sad that the torched salmon belly is not served on a white plate else I could have eaten only those. You can also ask the chef to make you made-to-order sushi, white or any colored plate. 

WILL: Abbey is a type of guy that will go for the "usual", he doesn't hate new things but he  will always choose the things he used to do, places he used to go and restaurants he used to dined, that's why I am very surprised that he asked me out and to have lunch at the Ramen Ten at Far East Plaza. Of course, I affirmed the invitation of my husband. 
      It is a rainy sunday, when we go to Orchard to taste and be merry with sushi. It was located just in front of Royal Plaza on Scotts Road, so you will never get wrong on this mall. 
      As we enter, the crew immediately offered us a seat and we chose to seat at the counter. They informed us that we can only eat the sushis on white plates. I tried one of their sushi but it I don't like the taste of their rice, it seems the sushi is out there in the conveyor for quite some time. The rice is too hard and too cold. :( so we decided to take our ramen, included to the voucher that Abbey bought from StreetDeal. We were both shocked with the serving size of their complimentary ramen, it can occupy two rumbling tummies. The soup and noodles was so fine and delicious. 
     To stop my frustration on their conveyor sushi, I decided to give it a try on their famous spicy sushi (included in the deal), spicy prawn and spicy tofu, oishi! On the Nigiri set, I asked for spicy squid tempura and ebi fried sushi. 
     Overall I am so delighted to try this restaurant, for sure this is on my list for a spicy sushi and ramen cravings.