Thursday, June 27, 2013

Expat Living Singapore Magazine

ABBEY: Expat Living gave us free gigs many times. Now they gave us a chance to be subscribed on their publication for a year for free. Yes, for free. 

The first issue we had showcases the beautiful vacation getaways, including the famous Amanpulo in Philippines. Also in the magazine are suggestions  of beautiful furnitures like chairs, tables, and beds for your home.

WILL: Expats or expatriates are the people residing temporarily in a foreign land, Abbey and I are one of those foreigners living here in a very diverse culture and races of Singapore. Residing and blending in is not so easy to do, many adjustments should be done and should learn and that is what Expat Living Magazine is all about.
      I signed up on their newsletter so every move and news, I was updated, and we are so lucky to sign up for one year subscription for free. Yes!, you read it right, one year for FREE!
      We received May and June issue and we are very glad to see the different people living and enjoying their stay here. From  fashion to pigging out, getaways and services, recipes to home decors / home for rents and even schools for your child, they have them covered. This is an ultimate guide for foreigners.
     And you know what, this is not just a paper that you can read and forget about the contents, they also manage to put up some events to meet up with other subscriber...they are building a community and a great chance to meet a new friend!
     Please visit their website, sign-up on their newsletter, like their facebook page and subscribe!
     Thanks again EXPAT LIVING!