Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindness Day SG 2013 by Singapore Kindness Movement

ABBEY: A couple of weeks back Singa the Lion, the official ambassador of Singapore Kindness Movement in spreading good deeds to people resigned. The world celebrated Kindness Day last week and Singapore held its first Kindness Day on May 31. 

Successive Kindness Days will be on every last Friday of the month of May. It drizzled that day but the show must go on. DJs from FM radio 98 hosted it enthusiastically. Individuals and organization who showed activities of goodness were awarded a token of appreciation. 

It must not be a big act for you to be noticed; in small ways we can spread kindness like smiling or greeting people you met in elevators or giving up your seat to person who needs it more. I was teary-eyed during the ceremony as these people do "ordinary" things but made an extra ordinary impact to the recipients. 

Attendees were served a cocktail for refreshment. Free cruises on Singapore river were offered. We got our goodie bag compose of a shirt, sunflower floater, paper for making sunflower origami and discount coupons. Live bands and performers rendered their arts for entertainment. 

I hope someday I'll be able to share more kindness.

WILL: Before the posting of Yahoo! News that Singapore ranks as world's emotionless society, Prime Minster Goh aims Singapore to be a gracious society and my husband and I are supporters of his advocacy. 
      We are thrilled that our work scheduled conformed with the inaugural of the Singapore's Kindness Day last 31st of May. Not only me and hubby went there but we also asked our friend to go with us and we were happy that she agreed even it is raining so hard, well rain is a blessing from above :) 
     The event started and a very inspirational message was given by Dr. William Wan and Koh Poh Tiong. Then the token of appreciation was given to the Kindred Spirit Circle...groups doing simple things to improve the lives of others not only here but also outside of this island. Their deeds and most special message of two person behind this project moved us, they are truly correct, it takes only a smile from one man will make a difference. Let's take our part to achieve the goal of this society. 
     Me? I pledge to be more happy in answering calls from our clients. You? Will you pledge for a change?